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  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: June 24-25, 2023

    Can you believe it, it’s the last weekend of June already! Let’s not let it pass unattended – with two contemporary art shows, a concert by the sea, a movie screening, and a little something extra.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: June 25-26, 2022

    With scorching weather on the horizon, we’ve rounded up a handful of ideas on what to do indoors to stay cool in town this weekend – and just a few more for when the sun goes down.


  • Scarlet Sails: A Festival of Hope

    Over a million people came to celebrate the send-off to adult life - the Scarlet Sails - on Saturday night as a beautiful tall ship sailed along the Neva River and fireworks erupted over St. Petersburg. A live concert was also held on Palace square in the shadow of the Winter Palace with participation from all the lucky ticket holders, students, teachers and parents.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: June 23-24

    From the Scarlet Sails Show to carillon music and the Imperial Gardens of Russia Festival, there will be no shortage of amazing events in St. Petersburg this weekend! Don’t miss out on the fun!