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  • Science Slam ITMO 2.0 Final

    The final of the second round of the university league’s Science Slam took place on Friday. Six young scientists fought for the audience applauses as they explained their research in layman’s terms to the not so scientific audience. Based on the audience votes, the winner was the only girl in the competition, Alexandra Toropova, a Master’s student from the Department of Computer Photonics and Digital Video Processing. For those who missed it, here’s a brief description of what these six geniuses are creating and discovering.


  • Science Slam Participant on Improving Nuclear Plant Operation

    The power industry aims to produce maximum energy at minimal fuel consumption, and that is true for nuclear power, as well. Dmitry Stepanov, participant of Science Slam ITMO University 2.0 shared about how some thermal grease and high-temperature tape can improve the work of whole nuclear power stations.


  • From Akinator Genii to Machine Learning: A Science Slam Participant on Detection Technologies

    Detection technologies are now everywhere: they are used in ultrasound imaging or probes for military purposes, as well as in simple apps like Snapchat that adds dog ears or flower chaplets to a person's photo. Anton Chukhlamov, a Master's student at ITMO University and participant of Science Slam ITMO University 2.0 aspires to make them even more useful. In an interview for our portal, the student shared on how such technologies can help avoid a possible street scuffle or prevent a forest fire, whether they have anything in similar with the Tesla autopilot system and what the Akinator genii has to do with it all.