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  • Spelling a Story Bit by Bit: How To Get Into Data Journalism

    In a world overflowing with data, we rely on big data analysts to process, categorize, analyze, and visualize it all. But if we want to make sense of this data and turn it into a digestible socially-relevant story, we will need the skills of data journalists. As the volume of data we produce increases, so does the demand for these all-around experts in analysis, storytelling, and visualization. Read on to find out more about data journalism and where you can learn to do it.


  • ScienceMedia Forum Participants on Their Work and Modern Journalism

    ScienceMedia, an annual media forum for student media contributors, wrapped up last week at ITMO University. Selected representatives of best editorial offices came to St. Petersburg to participate in specialized workshops and industry tours. This year, the organizers changed the rule of the contest and held a hackathon, during the two days of which the participants had to come up with a full-fledged longread covering the tours they’d been to. ITMO.NEWS met the students to learn more about their experience of pulling an all-nighter to work on a multimedia project and how this will help them in the future.


  • ScienceMedia-2018: Russian Student Media

    Last week, ITMO University hosted ScienceMedia, the national student media forum, organized in collaboration with the Megabyte student media group. This year, 55 participants from more than 25 cities arrived in St. Petersburg. During the forum, they took part in special workshops, excursions and a contest for the title of the best in their business. The winners told us how the student media are developing, what difficulties they face and why it is important to be part of the media community.


  • ScienceMedia-2017 Prizes

    ​From March 24 to 26, ITMO University hosted the student media forum ScienceMedia-2017 which gathered members of student editorials from all over the country. The forum's participants took part in workshops, open lectures and tours, and competed for being named best in several categories.  ITMO.NEWS asked the winners to share about student journalism, the importance of media centers and their personal experience.