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  • Datathon on Texts Annotation: How Programmers and Humanities Specialists Analyze Texts

    This past weekend, ITMO University held the first ever datathon on texts annotation. Over 80 participants from different fields, from programming to humanities, competed to solve the tasks on the linguistic annotation of historical and culturological sources. The datathon came hand in hand with an extensive educational program presented by educators of the seminar on natural language processing organized by ITMO together with Huawei. In their presentations, they focused on topical tasks of the applied artificial intelligence and modern trends in the field of natural language processing. Here’s more about the datathon.


  • BizCycle: Moving Towards Comfortable Biking Infrastructure on Russian-Finnish Border

    How to create a bike-friendly environment in the border regions of Russia and Finland, help cycling tourists effectively plan their itineraries, and foster the development of local businesses that would cater for such travelers? These are some of the questions in the center of the BizCycle international project. Having kicked off in November this year, it is now being implemented as part of the South-East Finland – Russia Cross-Border Cooperation program, with ITMO as the leading partner. The university’s specialists will work on the project together with representatives of Finnish companies, the Committee for Tourism of the Leningrad Oblast, and the Tourism Information Center. The objectives and stages of BizCycle’s implementation were recently discussed at a briefing organized for St. Petersburg’s cycling community. ITMO.NEWS reports on the keynotes of the meeting.


  • Taiwan, an El Dorado for Startups? VISmart Company Says Yes

    Anton Kulikov, ITMO University graduate and staff member of ITMO’s Technopark resident company VISmart, has just recently returned from Taiwan. There, he took part in the Asia-Pacific Youth Forum on Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Only three participants from Russia were granted such an opportunity by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan, and ITMO University’s Center for Asian Cooperation helped them make this trip a reality. VISmart company representatives met with ITMO.NEWS to talk about how the project has changed over the years, what was their forum experience like, and which emerging fields the startup plans to conquer next. 


  • ITMO Graduate’s Startup Uses Neural Networks to Make Online Ads Useful

    ITMO graduate Vitaly Sotnikov’s startup NativeOS provides a way to automate native video advertising. The algorithm chooses which videos to embed the client’s advertisements in so that they fit the needs of its viewers. NativeOS is currently preparing for a full-on launch on the US market. Vitaly Sotnikov came to his alma mater on business – and found time to talk to ITMO.NEWS about his project and how it works.