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  • How to Find a Tutor in Russia

    Whether you feel like learning a new language, improving your skills in some area, or acing your next exam, tutors – or репетиторы (repetitory), as we call them in Russian – can help you out. Here are some tips on how to find the right teacher for you.


  • Quick Fix: Games for Productive Procrastination

    Is your attention span causing you trouble? Do you find yourself sneaking off for a round of Candy Crush when you’re supposed to be meeting deadlines? Procrastination can be a handful – and any effort to improve your concentration skills is certainly admirable. But avoiding it altogether is near-impossible; so, why not turn it to your advantage? With these games, you can slack off without feeling guilty: boost your cognitive skills, learn a language, discover new trivia, and become a touch-typing pro!


  • ITMO and Four Russian Universities Launch Soft Skills Consortium

    ITMO University, Higher School of Economics (HSE), the Ural Federal University, Tomsk State University, and University of Tyumen created the Consortium of Universities for the Development of Universal Competencies. Together, this new team will focus their efforts on developing soft skills at universities and ensuring that they become a rightful part of higher education in Russia. 


  • Upskill & Reskill: Top Skills to Learn Online and Start Making Money

    While learning something new is beyond inspiring and rewarding, it can also be overwhelming and even intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, the internet is packed with handy guides and courses. Here are some of the most in-demand skills and the first steps you can take towards mastering each of them.


  • Digital Professions Program: Over 1,000 People Are Studying IT With ITMO University

    The Digital Professions in Russia initiative keeps growing and ITMO University’s courses, offered as part of the program, have been immensely popular, with more than 1,100 students joining. Soon specialists from ITMO’s DH Center and International Research and Education Center Autodesk will launch four more online courses.


  • ITMO University Joins Digital Professions in Russia Initiative

    From now on, thanks to the Digital Professions in Russia initiative, Russian citizens have the opportunity to become IT specialists by completing online courses at half the price.


  • New Season of CodeX Meetups: Open Lectures and Workshops on Programming, Design, and DevOps

    A team of young engineers, CodeX, driven by the idea of promoting their own open-source products has recently launched a new season of CodeX meetups. In this article, Alexander Menshchikov, the company’s lead developer, speaks about his team, as well as their goals and first meetup in this season.


  • ITMO's Soft Skills Module: Students Share Their Experiences

    It’s been three years since ITMO University introduced the Soft Skills module in its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Today, it offers a wide range of disciplines – from personal efficiency and time management to conflict resolution. ITMO.NEWS met with students to learn more about what they have learned during the courses and how they apply it in their daily lives.


  • Public Speaking, Negotiating, and More: Soft Skills at ITMO University

    ITMO University is one of the first universities in Russia to introduce soft skills in its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Learn more about the course and its benefits for students in this article.


  • Soft Skills: What Are They and Why Do We Need Them?

    How do you develop your soft skills even if you’re convinced that communication just isn’t your cup of tea? To find the answer, we spoke to ITMO University’s Soft Skills lecturers and Konstantin Khomchenko, an ITMO graduate and founder of the Chili Marketing agency.