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  • ITMO Psychologist’s Advice: How To Reduce Stress and Prepare for Exams

    The 2023 admission campaign is in full swing, which means thousands of prospective students are currently prepping their portfolios, submitting their contest results, and taking entrance exams – which, by the way, will come to an end on August 2. We know that exams can be stressful, so we’ve asked Evgeniya Ostasheva, a psychologist at ITMO’s Medical, Psychological and Social Assistance Center, for some practical tips on how to stay sane during exam season.


  • The Results of ITMO’s First Large-Scale Study of Quality of Life in Academia

    An interdisciplinary team from ITMO’s Institute of International Development and Partnership and Center for Science Communication has summed up the results of a large-scale study of health and quality of life meant to determine the factors that affect the health and overall well-being of the university’s students and staff. The first stage of the study involved 394 participants who had to fill out a questionnaire about their lifestyles, well-being, and mental health. Apart from the questionnaire, 284 participants have also taken a blood test. Their results were then compared to standards in their age group. Read on to learn more about the main findings of the survey and the future of the project.


  • ITMO University Launches Survey on the Quality of Infrastructure in St. Petersburg

    The National Center for Cognitive Research and the Institute of Design & Urban Studies decided to ask the residents of St. Petersburg to evaluate their satisfaction with living conditions in the city. The survey will show what venues and services the residents would like to see in different districts and will help urbanists make the infrastructure more convenient and functional.