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  • Edible Tableware, Ecomonitoring, and Smart Packaging: Graduation Projects of ITMO Students in Innovation Entrepreneurship

    This summer, ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations (FTMI) held a thesis defense where future foodtech entrepreneurs presented their graduation projects and startup ideas. Keep reading to learn more about what ideas students came up with, when their products will make it to stores and restaurants, and what they have to say about today’s market.


  • New X-Ray Detectors, Innovative Skincare and Meditation in VR: ITMO Students Defend Startups as Theses

    ITMO University students have recently presented more than 30 projects in various fields – including IT, FoodTech, and green technologies – as their graduation theses and defended them before an expert board. This marks the second year that this relatively new initiative is carried out at ITMO. Alexander Galitsky, a famous investor and member of ITMO’s Supervisory Council, also attended the defence. ITMO.NEWS visited the event to talk to the creators of the most interesting projects. 


  • ITMO Student Creates Platform for Finding Team Members for Various Projects

    Smart Family is a new service for building teams and exchanging competencies not only between students but also university graduates, Technopark residents, and participants of ITMO Accelerator. The platform already brought together over a hundred people and several startups, including WeGoTrip, ScanFace, BuildDocs, and others.


  • Master’s Studies at ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations: An Overview

    Is it possible to teach someone to become a leader? The staff of ITMO University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations believes that it is and trains global leaders in the field of high tech and innovations. The Faculty’s graduates are flexible, strategic thinkers, able to make decisions in conditions of uncertainty, and know their trade inside out. Read more on how to become a competent manager in the innovations sector in just two years of Master’s studies in this article by ITMO.NEWS.