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  • Our Ideas for Dealing with Social Distancing

    While permanently staying at home was, for some of the introverts among us, a long-held dream, it is now a reality for nearly everyone and is starting to become the norm – as much as anything can be “normal” today. It turns out that self-isolation isn’t as easy as it may seem; that’s why we’re learning new tricks, tweaking age-old habits, and trying to enjoy this strange time as best we can.


  • Life During a Pandemic: Experiences, Changes, Silver Linings

    As self-isolation takes us all into a new, unexplored way of living, our editorial team looks at the way recent events have changed their lives – for better or worse – what they’ve learned, and how they deal with the peculiar side effects of staying at home.


  • Don’t Panic: How to Keep It Together During a Pandemic

    The whole world is in a collective struggle against the coronavirus. Scientists are developing vaccines, employers are letting their staff work from home, and medical specialists are fighting for the lives of their patients. But there is another invisible battle going on, one where mental health is at stake. The experts of the popsci talk show Break It Down to Atoms (Razberem na Atomy) – Olga Vershinina, staff member of the Komarov Botanical Institute, Yulia Vymyatnina, head of the Department of Economics at European University at St. Petersburg, and Tatiana Kazantseva, senior lecturer at the St. Petersburg State University’s Department of Social Psychology – recently discussed what makes humanity so prone to panicking, why that’s dangerous, and how to stay sane in this era of uncertainty. This online discussion was organized by the Informational Center for Atomic Energy in St. Petersburg. Find the highlights below.


  • STAY HOME > GO ONLINE: Going Virtual, St. Petersburg-Style

    As the national week off begins, we must remind you again that this is the time to do the best for you and yours by staying home. But isolation doesn’t have to be boring, so join us as we GO ONLINE. And to help you stave off any loneliness, we’ve created a series of special self-isolation cards which show our city’s top landmarks – the Bronze Horseman, the sphinxes, the titans, and others – adapting to life in the online realm. Soon, a time will come when we shall once again take walks past Peter the Great’s striking visage; but for now, stay safe and take care of your loved ones.