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  • Being Your Own Supportive Friend: How To Grow Your Self-Esteem

    Exam season is fast approaching, and we know these tend to be stressful times. What can you do to support yourself during such anxiety-driven periods, whether exam-related or not? We turned to Yulia Romanenko, a Soft Skills lecturer at ITMO, who shared her compassionate advice on how you can become your own best friend. 


  • ITMO Psychologist’s Advice: How To Reduce Stress and Prepare for Exams

    The 2023 admission campaign is in full swing, which means thousands of prospective students are currently prepping their portfolios, submitting their contest results, and taking entrance exams – which, by the way, will come to an end on August 2. We know that exams can be stressful, so we’ve asked Evgeniya Ostasheva, a psychologist at ITMO’s Medical, Psychological and Social Assistance Center, for some practical tips on how to stay sane during exam season.


  • How to Join ITMO’s First Large-Scale Study of Academic Quality of Life

    ITMO University is launching a large-scale study of health and quality of life in the academic environment. Over the course of three weeks (June 6-24), any ITMO staff member and student can make their contribution to science and learn more about their health. The study is part of the university’s strategic project Well-Being and its results will directly affect the quality of services that are being developed for members of ITMO.Family. Read all about the study, how to take part in it, and why it will benefit everybody.


  • FAQ: Dealing With Anxiety

    There are many reasons why we might feel anxiety – from global events and crises to exams or our everyday chores. But what are the mechanisms behind it? And are there any experimentally proven ways to overcome anxiety? With these questions, we turned to researchers from ITMO’s Center for Neuroscience in Education, headed by Maxim Likhanov, a participant of ITMO’s Fellowship & Professorship program. The center has recently launched a project aiming to develop and implement techniques that will improve the mental well-being of ITMO students.


  • The Science of Hobbies: Six Relaxing Activities You Should Try

    Hobbies bring us joy and make our lives more exciting, but did you know that they actually provide us with numerous benefits – both physical and mental? That’s what science says! Here’s why you shouldn’t neglect your passions, which activities you can take up to feel good, and how to fit them into even the tightest schedule.


  • Finding Focus and Coping With Difficult Times

    When we face difficult situations, they can seem overwhelming and cause stress, leaving us paralyzed at some times and restless in others. To help you cope with such challenges, here is a short guide on stress and the tools you can use to deal with it. 


  • Tips For Dealing with Digital Burnout

    New era brings new challenges. Biologically, we’re the same beings like we used to be a hundred years ago but the amount of information consumed and the velocity of life has increased by a large margin. How do we adapt and stay sane?


  • Biologist Dmitry Zhukov on Stress, Depression, and Displacement Activities

    As part of the Mental Health Month, ITMO University arranged a lecture on stress and ways to deal with it, given by Dmitry Zhukov, a biologist, professor at the Pavlov Institute of Physiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, writer, laureate of the Enlightener Prize, and author of the best-selling book Стой, кто ведет? Биология поведения человека и других зверей (Stop, Who’s Leading? Biology of Human and Animal Behavior). He discussed the biological meaning of stress in humans and animals, ways of dealing with it, and how to minimize the harm it causes. ITMO.NEWS has prepared a summary of the lecture.


  • Life During Exams: Self-Care 101

    Have you ever found yourself not fully enjoying something exciting when it happens before you submit an important assignment? Or maybe you don’t even allow yourself to meet up with friends or take a quiet walk before you finish a task? Today, we are here to hopefully fix that and tell you how self-care can mean much more than just indulging in bath bombs or delicacies. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy (even if you haven’t crossed out everything on your to-do list yet)! 


  • Elena Rybnikova on Why You Shouldn’t Fight Stress

    Everyone from school students to CEOs complains about stress. Stress is considered to be one of the key factors that reduce life expectancy. Does this mean that stress is our enemy? Elena Rybnikova, DSc and deputy head of scientific affairs at Pavlov Institute of Physiology RAS, gave a lecture about fighting (or helping?) stress as part of the Open Lectorium of New Holland Island and the Mental Health Month.