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  • ITMO Researchers Developing Alternative to PCR Testing

    A joint research team from ITMO University and the University of Central Florida are working on a new type of nanosensors – the so-called DNA nanomachines (nanorobots) – that can unfold RNA and DNA structures to identify pathogen-specific sequences. Unlike PCR tests, the new testing method does not require expensive equipment and special conditions and can thus be performed outside laboratories. Here is what you need to know about the novel diagnostics method. 


  • ITMO Scientists Propose Systems With Unique Interaction Between Photons and Mechanical Motion of Atoms

    The researchers managed to demonstrate that such systems possess the features of non-typical phase transitions, nonstandard symmetry, and its spontaneous breaking in a strong optomechanical interaction regime. This invention may potentially help scientists develop memory chips for future quantum computers.


  • Picture of the Week: Fluorescence Microscopy Image of Neuroblastoma

    Neuroblastoma cells are used in the first stages of testing biocompatibility of nervous system drugs.


  • Harvard Professor Stefanie Stantcheva on the Role of Surveys and Experiments in Economy

    Stefanie Stantcheva, one of 2018’s best young economists according to The Economist, has recently given a talk as part of a guest lecture series at the New Economic School (NES) and talked about why the public's perceptions of economic problems are valuable for scientists. In this article, ITMO.NEWS sums up the main points of her speech.


  • Results of ITMO University’s Admissions Campaign 2020

    The 2020 admissions campaign at ITMO University has come to an end, and the lists of students admitted into Bachelor’s/Specialist, Master’s, and PhD programs (links in Russian) have been published. Read more about ITMO University’s first fully online admissions campaign and its key results in an article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Master’s Programs in Robotics at ITMO University

    What unites digital control systems, mathematical modeling, and digital production systems and technologies? All of these are promising fields that are studied in the Master’s programs in Robotics at ITMO University. How is the training structured? Do the programs offer internships in Russia and abroad? Our illustrated series will answer all of your questions.


  • DataArt Global Study: What are Russian Programmers Best At?

    In the run up to the Programmer’s Day, the Data Art global technology consultancy researchers have analyzed the data obtained from Skillotron, a game platform aimed at testing IT specialists’ knowledge and skills. Their findings highlighted the features specific for programmers from different countries. It turned out that Russian programmers are the fastest in the world in terms of answering test questions. They also ranked high in their willingness to make an unpaid contribution to the development of the IT professional community.