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  • 5 Phrases to Master the Russian Language

    Despite the general belief, memorizing Russian grammar and phonetic rules can be simple and also fun. The secret is… Learn these five amusing yet helpful phrases to slay the Russian case system, tricky word endings, and, worst of all, stresses.


  • Learning Russian: Beyond the Classroom

    It's no secret that learning Russian can be hard, but who says it has to be? Here's our rundown of great out-of-class activities, lovingly picked by our Russian teachers, learners, and yours truly, to help you make progress while having fun.


  • The National Library of Russia: The Hogwarts of St. Petersburg

    While we do love our fancy, modern, well-equipped coworking spaces, sometimes your homework requires a little something extra. Imagine grand, impressive-looking buildings filled with books, spacious reading halls, wooden chairs and cozy lamps for serene study sessions. Sounds appealing? Read on to find out just where in St. Petersburg you can find study spots that have it all!


  • Top Telegram Bots for Work & Studies

    From pocket translators to life-changing productivity tools, here are ten essential Telegram bots to help you prepare for exams or improve your work performance.


  • Kick Off the New Academic Year: Study Spots Near ITMO Campuses

    It’s not always that we get super excited to spend hours on end doing homework for the next class. But if there is a cool new place to explore or a chance to get that perfect mug of coffee, it might get a little easier. To boost your creative spirit and motivation, here’s a list of the best places to study near two main ITMO campuses.


  • How to Study Effectively: Five Memorization Techniques for Acing Any Exam or Test

    Do you know why Richard of York gave battle in vain and not in rain? And why will you always remember that roses are red and violets are blue? What about a long-lost memory from your childhood brought back to you by a delicious smell from your parent’s or grandparent’s kitchen? Our brain knows a trick or two, and you can harness its power through mnemotechnics for remembering even the hardest material for your tests and exams.


  • 100 Free Courses from Coursera: Seize the Opportunity

    Coursera has opened access to 100 courses developed by the leading companies and universities. We’ve made a compilation of free courses in computer science, cloud technology, business, and other fascinating fields of study.