Telegram (App Store, Google Play, or AppGallery) is a free messaging app that makes a fantastic alternative to WhatsApp and WeChat. The service boasts a number of stand-out features, including some hidden gems like various types of interactive bots.

Stay in the loop

@TheFeedReaderBot – if you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool to keep up to date with the latest news and posts without being glued to your phone, that’s the job for TheFeedReaderBot. Let the bot know which feeds and accounts you want to follow and receive a brief summary of all the updates that appeared while you were enjoying your life offline. 


@BabelgramBot – with this bot, you can become a true polyglot in the blink of an eye or, to be more precise, in several clicks. The bot knows 100+ languages and can automatically translate both separate words and complex sentences from and into any of them in seconds. All you need to do is type @BabelgramBot, the language you are translating from, e.g., English, the language you are translating into, e.g., Russian, and the text you want to translate. For example, you can type “@BabelgramBot en ru Hello!” and see the translation pop up on your screen. You can both DM the bot or tag it in various chats.

@dictsbot – this is an excellent one-stop shop source of various explanatory and thematic dictionaries for English and Russian.

@orforobot – learning Russian can be fairly hard; that’s why it’s so important to have a trusted pal you can rely on in terms of spelling. Orforobot is a top-notch spell-checker that makes sure that your writing is flawless.

Credit: Waldemar Brandt (@waldemarbrandt67w) via Unsplash

Credit: Waldemar Brandt (@waldemarbrandt67w) via Unsplash

Handy tools

@GmailBot – those who aren’t so keen on emailing will be delighted to learn that they can email just as they text thanks to GmailBot. With this bot, you can receive your emails and answer them right away without leaving Telegram. 

@newfileconverterbot – texts, images, audio files, or videos: this bot can convert nearly any format you can imagine into a different one. With almost 90 supported file types and 874 conversion options, it’s a real life-saver at school and beyond.

@SkeddyBot – for any mind-pops, use SkeddyBot. This bot lets you quickly jot down important information, set up reminders the moment you come across a task or deadline, and get alerts for deadlines.

Productive break

@TriviaBot – you can flex your brain muscles even on breaks by playing a round or two with TriviaBot. In the best traditions of quizzes, the bot tests how well-versed you are in history, cinema, geography, animals, and more!

@ChessBot – playing chess online may be nothing new, but playing chess on Telegram definitely is. Let ChessBot turn you into a real grandmaster.

@gamebot – using this bot, you can take effective breaks, discover a new gaming experience, and, what’s more, have a fun time with friends – all without leaving the messenger app. The bot offers three games: Math Battle, Corsairs, and LumberJack.

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