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  • Come Rain or Shine: Best Summertime Activities in St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg certainly has a reputation for its unpredictable weather, but locals and visitors would all agree: no matter the forecast, there are always places to go, sights to admire, and activities to try in the city. Want to stay prepared for any scenario? Heed our team's best picks for things to do in St. Petersburg on sunny and rainy days alike.


  • The Experiment: Bucket List Summer

    We don’t know about you, but we’ve come across dozens of “summer bucket lists” online – they were almost begging us to try them out. So that’s what we did: took some items off random lists online, added our personal touch, and set off on adventures – big or small. Below, you will find our accounts of what happened next, which we hope will inspire you to run an experiment of your own this August.


  • Best Things to Do in St. Petersburg This August

    With just one month of summer left to go, make the most of it with these diverse and fun activities.


  • Where to Go on a Date in St. Petersburg

    Summer is a time for going out and about, enjoying the company of others, and loving life. St. Petersburg can be a very romantic place, and there are plenty of ways to spend time with that special person. So whether you’re keen to go on an extra special date, spend a fun day out with a friend, or just have some well-deserved me time, we have some ideas to make a good day-te great.


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Gardens & Greenhouses

    From fragrant blooms to lush vegetation, these hidden gems have everything you need to enjoy the greens and colors of summer all year round.


  • Top Free Outdoor Summer Spaces in St. Petersburg

    Outdoor season is a big deal for St. Petersburg residents. As temperature gets higher and days – seemingly endless due to white nights, St. Petersburg turns into an outdoorsy city with quite a few lively public spaces and cozy terraces. From our weekly digests’ frequenters to freshly-opened locations, here’s where all the locals will hang out this summer.


  • Our Top 7 Summer Must-Dos in St. Petersburg

    Want to have a truly St. Petersburg summer experience? Here are our top local activities to make this season one to remember.


  • Summer Getaway: From St. Petersburg to Sortavala, the Republic of Karelia

    Mesmerizing waterfalls, centuries-old pines, and rocky cliffs – could you believe that all of these are just a ride away from our city? If you have been putting off the trip to "the land of a thousand and one lakes" for too long, this is your sign to finally hit the road. Here is what to see and do in Karelia.


  • ITMO Hosts Summer Course for School Students

    From May to August, ITMO’s Center for the Development of Supplementary Education holds courses for children aged 11 and older. Learn more about classes and their formats in this article.


  • Summer Sports to Try in St. Petersburg

    Forget the crowded gyms. The insanely beautiful and warm summer this year is your ticket to a new healthier you: why not try out an outdoor sport right here in the city?