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  • The Experiment: Bucket List Summer

    We don’t know about you, but we’ve come across dozens of “summer bucket lists” online – they were almost begging us to try them out. So that’s what we did: took some items off random lists online, added our personal touch, and set off on adventures – big or small. Below, you will find our accounts of what happened next, which we hope will inspire you to run an experiment of your own this August.


  • Holiday Diary: Summer in St. Petersburg

    Living nine months of the year in the grip of gray skies and drizzle, residents of St. Petersburg never take summer for granted. The seasonal metamorphosis is so miraculous, even avid couch potatoes leave their homes to make the most of these days. Let’s join them, too, and learn what it’s like – to stay for the summer in the city instead of going to your hometown.


  • Summer Drinks for When it’s Hot in St. Petersburg

    Sometimes it feels like summer just suddenly appears on our doorstep in St. Petersburg, and this year is no exception. For those of us who managed to buy a fan during the heatwave last summer, we’re relieved to have it now as the humidity settles all around us in the city. So we’re dealing with it by grabbing some fresh and fun cool summer drinks. Here are some of our favorites. 


  • How To: Cycling in St. Petersburg

    We here at ITMO like our bikes: they are convenient, eco-friendly, and are a fun, healthy alternative to the city’s public transport. Moreover, they can even be a part of a long-standing tradition, such as our Bike Ride with the Rector. Here is everything you will need to know to explore the bike life in St. Petersburg, courtesy of our staff and students.


  • Top Free Outdoor Summer Spaces in St. Petersburg

    Outdoor season is a big deal for St. Petersburg residents. As temperature gets higher and days – seemingly endless due to white nights, St. Petersburg turns into an outdoorsy city with quite a few lively public spaces and cozy terraces. From our weekly digests’ frequenters to freshly-opened locations, here’s where all the locals will hang out this summer.


  • A Secret Guide to Pushkin

    The next stop on our tour around St. Petersburg’s former royal residences is Pushkin – the town of a prominent poet, French and English gardens, and the mysterious Amber Room.


  • Summer in St. Petersburg: Best Places by the Water

    What can be more soothing than the sound of flowing water, especially when it’s scorching hot outside and you fail to find any shady places to escape to, or when you’re deep inside your head, or… on any other day, come rain or shine? If you are the same way, here are our top spots with majestic views and entertainment for some extra summer vibes.


  • Essential Summer Activities Checklist

    Last year, we were all forced to alter our plans for the summer, as well as our trusted routines. This year, as the world is gradually reawakening, we’ll have to learn what summer feels like once again. We have gathered the most romantic summer activities we could think of into the handy checklist below so that you can experience your best three months of sun and carelessness – and stay safe doing it. Enjoy! 


  • Summer Foods for When it’s Hot in St. Petersburg

    We love to eat and we love to share. So this summer, as the temperature is hitting over 30°C and we’re sweltering here at home, we’re also enjoying our favorite food and drinks that keep us refreshed and appreciative of summers in St. Petersburg.


  • White Nights in St. Petersburg

    You might already know that St. Petersburg is renowned for the fascinating natural phenomenon of white nights. But what are they, and what is it that makes them so special? Let’s find out.