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  • Surprise Me Founder Alexander Golovatiy: Developing a Company Is Constantly Proving Thousands of Hypotheses

    Around three years ago an ITMO alumnus Alexander Golovatiy and his friends founded a startup that enabled users to sell quests of their own creation. Over the years, the project has grown into an online platform where travelers can purchase walking tours created by locals and experts, and do these tours at their own pace using a mobile app. At the beginning of 2019, the company went international, finding its place in the hearts of American users, and now a Spanish version of the service is getting ready for release. ITMO.NEWS got the chance to meet Alexander and ask him what is needed to go from a startup to a successful business.


  • Founder of Surprise Me: Managing a Startup is Like Running in the Dark

    It was only two years ago that ITMO University graduate Alexander Golovatiy came up with the idea of ‘Surprise Me’, an app that allows users to create and sell their own quests. He enlisted the help of two of his friends and started working weekends. Today, the company raises up to 400,000 roubles of monthly revenues and is to hire five new staff and receive its first investor backing. After the first interview with Alexander in 2016 when he had only just unveiled his Surprise Me project, ITMO.NEWS follows up on how the startup has changed over the years.


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