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  • (Un)Popular Science: Making Research Accessible

    A curious contradiction has been discovered in a recent survey by the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Zircon group: while 65-70% of surveyed Russians claim to be interested in science, only 16% actually stay up to date on research news. To understand this phenomenon, scientists looked at the factors that make readers less – or more – drawn to science. They shared their insights during a meetup hosted by ITMO’s Center for Science Communication – here are the highlights.


  • Sociologists Answer: Are Researchers Happy?

    A recent study by National Priorities, an operator of the national initiative Decade of Science and Technology in Russia, finds that young scientists are happier than people outside the academic world, with a majority of them (under the age of 30) exhibiting a more positive outlook on the future than their peers from other fields. Learn more about the survey findings in this article.


  • ITMO University Launches Survey on the Quality of Infrastructure in St. Petersburg

    The National Center for Cognitive Research and the Institute of Design & Urban Studies decided to ask the residents of St. Petersburg to evaluate their satisfaction with living conditions in the city. The survey will show what venues and services the residents would like to see in different districts and will help urbanists make the infrastructure more convenient and functional.


  • Harvard Professor Stefanie Stantcheva on the Role of Surveys and Experiments in Economy

    Stefanie Stantcheva, one of 2018’s best young economists according to The Economist, has recently given a talk as part of a guest lecture series at the New Economic School (NES) and talked about why the public's perceptions of economic problems are valuable for scientists. In this article, ITMO.NEWS sums up the main points of her speech.


  • Specialists of ITMO University's Institute of Design & Urban Studies Create a Mapping App

    Residents of the Porokhovye and Rzhevka municipal districts were offered to take part in a survey and tell the researchers about their usual routes. This data will then form the basis of the technical assignment for the idea contest run by the Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture of St. Petersburg.


  • How Course Assessment Influences the Quality of Education

    There are many tools for getting feedback from students, professors, graduates and other participants of the educational process. One of them is assessment. ITMO University conducts more and more surveys, the most highly anticipated are the ones on the quality of teaching in specific subjects. They began with assessment of the core set of disciplines. Two years of collecting feedback on these modules allowed us to understand what should be changed in order to make them better. In this article, the Center for Educational Management and Quality Assurance explains how students’ opinions influence the quality of education.


  • ITMO Students to Assess the Quality of Teaching and Learning

    Students’ accounts in ITMO University’s intranet system ISU have now been expanded with a new section – ITMO.CoursesAssessment. This is a questionnaire on the quality of teaching in all the subjects delivered in the current semester.