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  • Movie Fridays: New Releases

    Quarantine got your watchlist dwindling? Here’s an assortment of noteworthy new releases to replenish your supplies!


  • Top Five: TV Shows to Binge on

    We may all be stuck at home self-isolating – but what better way to take your mind off things than a good old binge on a great TV show or two (or five)? Here are our suggestions. Enjoy, stay safe, and don’t forget to wash your hands!


  • Movie Fridays: New Releases

    Well the weather outside is frightful – so why don’t you seek solace in a cozy cinema theater, or, blessed be the streaming services, your home instead? Here’s our specially curated selection of the latest, or up-and-coming, movie and TV releases to help you decide what to watch this holiday season. (PS: and here is our last year’s Christmassy films best-of should you feel you wanna get the festive movie party going!)


  • The Comedy Legends of Would I Lie to You?

    Have you ever told a truth that was mistreated as a fib? Or spawned a lie that was eaten up like a truth? Or attempted to do both, but failed miserably? Then BBC’s Would I Lie to You?, in which all of the aforementioned stands as the main name of the game, would be a perfect show for you. Watch and learn how the great masters do it, tee-heeing all the way through (multitasking, Movie Fridays-style).


  • Movie Fridays: Black Books, or The Good Old Telly of Yore

    The much-talked-of (not least because of a recent biopic with, gasp, Keira Knightley in the lead role) French writer Sidonie Gabrielle Colette famously spoke of January as “this evil month, anxious as a theatrical producer’s forehead”, and let’s admit it: she has a point. Want to escape from the harsh reality that expects you to spend your free time between the treadmill and the art gallery, become more zen than Yoda, and quit your hummus obsession? We propose revisiting old TV classics. Here’s one great show to get you started.


  • Movie Fridays: The Autumn Showdown

    We may be nudging you to spend fall in a vivid kaleidoscope of long park rambles and new beginnings, but before you start planning your agenda, there’s a big, fat, Falstaffian even, elephant in the room we haven’t discussed. Crunchy leaves, pumpkin harvesting, decorating for Halloween? Pfff. Ain’t no cinephile got time for that: we have a host of new series to attend to. For autumn means the start of a brand-new TV show season, and for good reason: what with the weather cooling down, nights closing in, and rain slowly but surely turning our streets into the Great Deluge apocalypse, the outside quickly loses its appeal – to the benefit of warm, marshmallow-esque couches, snug blankets, and cozily flickering TV screens. So if you’re up for a good ol’ cinematic binge, here’s our rundown on the best-of new fall TV.