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  • Spies, Crimes, and Mysteries: Four Thrilling Soviet & Russian TV Series To Watch This Weekend

    Today, we’d like to talk about two TV series created in the Soviet Union and two – in modern Russia. Although very different, each is a joy to watch in its own way. 


  • 5 Russian TV Theme Songs from the 2000s

    If you ever wondered what kind of shows your Russian millennial friends grew up with, then you are in luck! Here is our list of the top five popular TV shows from the mid-2000s with the most memorable and catchy theme songs. Impress your Russian friends at the next party – or just have fun watching the title sequences!


  • Movie Fridays: New Releases

    Quarantine got your watchlist dwindling? Here’s an assortment of noteworthy new releases to replenish your supplies!


  • Top Five: TV Shows to Binge on

    We may all be stuck at home self-isolating – but what better way to take your mind off things than a good old binge on a great TV show or two (or five)? Here are our suggestions. Enjoy, stay safe, and don’t forget to wash your hands!