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  • ITMO Scientists Unveil Algorithm to Predict Properties of Organic Solvents

    The staff of ITMO’s Center for AI in Chemistry have designed a free service that predicts properties of organic solvents. These substances find their applications in pharmaceutical, oil, and cosmetics industries. The research behind the algorithm is described in a paper published in Green Chemistry.


  • Malaysian Researcher Meisam Tabatabaei on Biofuels and the Role They Can Play in Transitioning to a More Sustainable Future

    According to estimates, last year the global biofuel market reached $117 billion and is expected to exceed $200 billion by 2030, with the most rapid growth expected in African and Middle Eastern countries. Why is research in this field currently in demand and what are the challenges that scientists have yet to overcome? We discussed this topic with Professor Meisam Tabatabaei from the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, who has been working in the field of biomass, biofuels, and biorefineries for over 15 years and has collaborated with the UNDP to promote waste-oriented biofuels for almost a decade. This year, Prof. Tabatabaei is to take part in BIOCON, an international biotech conference organized by ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School.


  • Researchers Roll Out AI-Powered Assistant for Professional Use

    Specialists from ITMO University and Tatneft designed a generative AI-based service, called Akela, that can provide professional consulting in Russian in a specific field by retrieving answers from the corporate database.


  • Sustainable Chemistry For Energy Technologies: New Master’s Program With Gazprom Neft and Tatneft

    Students in the new program will learn about alternative energy sources, synthesize new materials, and develop cutting-edge technologies for the oil and gas industry. Implemented jointly with major oil producers Gazprom Neft and Tatneft, the new program will offer students the opportunity to work on the companies’ projects during their studies, as well as land positions in R&D departments of major enterprises upon graduation. ITMO.NEWS examines the benefits of the program.


  • ITMO and Partners Announce Contest for Biotechnology Specialists and Their Teams

    Designed to support high technology research, the competition launched by ITMO’s SCAMT Institute in partnership with Almetyevsk State Oil Institute and the oil-and-gas company Tatneft will allow skilled principal investigators (PIs) to start their own teams and conduct biotechnology research at the biotech center in Almetyevsk. Read on to learn the details.


  • ITMO and Almetyevsk State Oil Institute to Train Specialists in AI and Biotechnology

    ITMO University and Almetyevsk State Oil Institute are launching a new Master’s program AI in Biotechnology Systems, which will train future middle and senior specialists in biotechnology. During the training, students will learn to solve biotechnological problems using information technologies and big data, as well as to apply these technologies to produce even more efficient treatments. The corporate partner of the program is Tatneft.