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  • Summit the Peak: Skolkovo’s Andrey Volkov on Parallels Between Team Management and Mountain Climbing

    Team management in business is not unlike climbing a mountain: there is a group of professionals who have to constantly make decisions – planning their route, sharing resources, and acting in challenging weather conditions. Any mistake can be fatal. How can you avoid this outcome, why is it crucial to understand each other, and how can you learn to do it? Look for answers to these questions in our keynotes from the PI School’s lecture of Andrey Volkov, the head of the Social Strategies Institute at Skolkovo, the scientific supervisor of Priority 2030 program, and a mountaineer with 40 years of experience.


  • ITMO’s Second Leadership Accelerator Opens Applications

    The ITMO/Leader accelerator is dedicated to developing key competencies of ITMO’s staff. Its participants will learn how to manage business processes, build teams, and create roadmaps. The program will start on March 13. Keep reading to find out more about the accelerator and how to sign up.


  • ITMO University Hosts Its First What? Where? When? Tournament

    Having brought together around 200 specialists from various departments, the university’s first What? Where? When? quiz contest, which launched in October, has recently ended with a grand finale. ITMO.NEWS went to this closing game, hosted by star player Mikhail Mun, to learn the secrets of the winning team.


  • How to Organize Teamwork and Avoid Conflicts: Tips by an ITMO Graduate

    As part of the Creating a Technology Business course, Viktor Viktorov, an ITMO graduate and a development director of the Crystal Service Integration company, shared his experience in managing both small and large teams.


  • ITMO.EXPERT Project Lets Educators Share Digital Teaching Experience

    ITMO University has launched the ITMO. EXPERT  project, aimed at helping teachers use digital technology in their work and make the educational process more effective. Some of ITMO’s academic staff have already taken part in three courses so far: digital tools, teamwork, and game technology in education.