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  • Young Scientists Awarded ITMO University’s First Own Academic Degree Diplomas

    In 2017, ITMO University, together with 18 other higher education institutions, was granted the right to award candidate of sciences and doctor of sciences academic degrees, as well as to establish its own academic degree councils and define the latter’s remits. The university held its first independent thesis defenses in December last year. The list of successful candidates includes Galina Lavrentyeva and Andrey Oleynik, whose research on solutions to different audio-visual data tasks yielded them the degree of a candidate of sciences. They have received their diplomas during a recent official ceremony that took place at ITMO University.


  • ITMO University Awards Its First Academic Degrees

    Today, some of Russia's educational establishments have the right to award academic degrees. Last week, ITMO University had its first independent thesis defenses. We spoke to members of the thesis board, opponents and candidates to learn what is different about ITMO's own procedure and what they believe to be its most important difference from the classical system.