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  • Russian Folk Dress: Fashion Items From Centuries Ago

    Today’s fashion is pretty much universal and people wear similar outfits in many places all over the world. But what was it like before mass-produced clothing was a thing? What did Russians in particular wear on a daily basis hundreds of years ago? Let’s find out.


  • Modern Brands Inspired by Russian Culture and Folklore: Part I

    Every other week we talk about all things Russian, including traditions and crafts, which we’re particularly fond of. And judging by the amount of creators inspired by local folklore, we’re not the only ones! Here are some of our favorite brands and craftsmen who bring together traditions and modernity in most unique and creative ways.


  • When Art and Religion Collide: Orthodox Christian Icons of Russia

    In one of our previous stories, we’ve talked about another kind of ancient religious art – frescoes. Now, let’s discuss icons, their counterparts, or more like their allies when it comes to the development of spiritual and artistic traditions in Russian culture.


  • Zemlyachestva: Bridging Cultures and Reviving Traditions at ITMO

    Moving to a new country for higher education can be a daunting experience, especially when the cultural differences seem insurmountable. However, for international students at ITMO, the journey can be a lot less intimidating thanks to a remarkable student club known as Zemlyachestva.  


  • Much More Than Pancakes: Maslenitsa Week

    Today marks the beginning of Maslenitsa, a unique holiday that lasts a whole week! Let’s break it down day by day and see what customs are associated with each of them.


  • Traditional Sports: Slavic Baseball, Boxing, and More

    The desire to play, have fun, and stay fit is universal all around the world and throughout the ages. Here’s how Slavic peoples did it in the past – with no gyms and stadiums required.


  • How Indigenous Peoples of Russia Celebrate New Year

    ​Most, if not all, cultures feel the need to mark the day when one annual cycle ends and a new one begins. The date and the way of celebration, however, differ.


  • The Mystery of Kupala Night

    Kupala Night, also known as Ivana-Kupala, is celebrated on July 6 (June 24 old style). As with all ancient traditions, there are more questions than answers when it comes to the nature of this holiday. However, some things we know for sure.


  • How Ancients Slavs Greeted New Year in Spring

    Have you ever thought that perhaps, it would make more sense to celebrate New Year in spring, when everything awakens from the long winter sleep? If so, you’re not alone in this realization. Until 1492, it was March 1 that was considered the first day of the year in Russia. 


  • Explore the Art of Russia’s Indigenous Peoples

    Today, on August 9, we celebrate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Their art offers a wealth of storytelling, beauty, and inspiration.