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  • Explore the Art of Russia’s Indigenous Peoples

    Today, on August 9, we celebrate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Their art offers a wealth of storytelling, beauty, and inspiration. 


  • Top 7 Surprising Russian Habits

    Every country has interesting customs and somewhat bizarre stereotypes that might surprise a foreign visitor or even a local millennial, and Russia is no exception. Knowing them just might come in handy, or at least make for great random trivia to stump your friends.


  • Five Orthodox Easter Activities

    This year, Russian Orthodox Easter falls on May 2. What do Orthodox Russians usually do on this day?


  • Bird-Shaped Buns to Welcome Spring

    If you feel like you didn’t do spring justice by celebrating its arrival during the Maslenitsa week, don’t be upset – this time you can do it with sweet buns!