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  • Inside ITMO’s School of Life Sciences

    Established in 2021, ITMO’s School of Life Sciences brings together several departments engaged in interdisciplinary research at the intersection of chemistry, information technology, chemical engineering, biotechnology, bioinformatics, applied genomics, pharmacology, and many others. Read on to learn all about the school's research projects and educational programs.


  • ITMO.EduStars Winner Daria Chirva: Students Should Be Engaged, Not Forced To Learn

    The ITMO Edu Awards contest is an excellent opportunity for lecturers and mentors to present themselves professionally and win an award for their achievements in education. One of the contest’s winners, Daria Chirva, became the head of ITMO University’s Thinking educational module last year. In this interview, she speaks about what helped her win the award, explains why it’s important to deal with the ethical side of artificial intelligence, and elaborates on what philosophy and paragliding have in common.


  • ITMO.EduStars Winner Ksenia Kapelchuk on How Philosophy Can Help Get in Touch With Your Inner Self

    To stimulate its teachers and mentors, ITMO University has introduced the annual ITMO Edu Awards, meant to recognize superior accomplishments in education. ITMO.NEWS talked to Ksenia Kapelchuk, a philosophy lecturer and one of last year’s award winners, to learn more about what makes philosophy unique, how the pandemic affected teaching, and how she got into the art of fragrances.


  • Digital Professions Program: Over 1,000 People Are Studying IT With ITMO University

    The Digital Professions in Russia initiative keeps growing and ITMO University’s courses, offered as part of the program, have been immensely popular, with more than 1,100 students joining. Soon specialists from ITMO’s DH Center and International Research and Education Center Autodesk will launch four more online courses.


  • Congress of Young Scientists Day 1: School of Russian Science Foundation, Art & Science, and Student Laboratories

    December 8 marked the start of the National Congress of Young Scientists – one of the closing events of the Russian Year of Science and Technology – in the Sirius Park of Science and Art, Sochi. More than 3,000 attended the congress on the first day. Among the participants are representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Russian Science Foundation (RSF), universities and research laboratories, leading IT and tech companies, as well as aspiring scientists and school students. Researchers and experts from ITMO University got a chance to share their experiences and moderate several discussions. Here are the highlights of the event’s first day.


  • Yandex’s Head of AI Development: Interns Can Make Mistakes – That’s Why They’re the Best Trailblazers

    The VUZPROMEXPO, a national convention on the subject of science and education, kicked off in Sochi on December 8 and will continue until the 10th. Russian scientists, university higher-ups, and representatives of business and the government met at the Sirius Park of Science and Art to discuss collaboration, showcase their achievements, and sum up the year’s results. One of the first day’s most notable discussions, titled How Technologies Will Change Higher Education, was moderated by Daria Kozlova, the First Vice Rector of ITMO University and the head of its 2030 Development Strategy.


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: ‪Maxim Likhanov on Importance of Spatial Skills and Synergy Between Chemistry and Neuroscience

    In 2019, Maxim Likhanov graduated from Tomsk State University with a PhD in philology. Two years later, he won the chance to do his research at ITMO University as part of ITMO Fellowship and Professorship Program. ITMO.NEWS talked to the scientist to learn more about how to succeed in chemistry, why spatial skills are important, and how they’ve transformed his life.


  • ITMO First Vice Rector Daria Kozlova on ITMO’s 2030 Open Call for Projects

    ITMO University is currently running an open call for projects within the 2030 Development Strategy. The contest is open to everyone – staff and students from ITMO, as well as other universities and companies – wishing to create innovative technologies, propose new education solutions, and shape the development of the city and country. In this article, ITMO First Vice Rector Daria Kozlova explains how participants can benefit from the contest and what new fields of science may appear at the university soon.


  • ITMO.EduStars Winner Antonina Fedorova: Public Speaking Can Change Our Reality

    This year, Antonina Fedorova, a practicing psychologist and soft skills lecturer, received an award for achievements in education. Read on to learn how the winner of the EduStars contest manages to build trust with her students, why professional deformation isn’t always a bad thing, and what makes a successful speech.


  • ITMO.Expert Project: Student- and Teacher-Centered Learning and New Opportunities

    On September 8, ITMO University hosted an official closing ceremony of the ITMO.Expert online course on technologies for personalized learning. During the ceremony, the final results were summed up and over 60 participants, including ITMO staff, mentors, and students, received their professional development certificates.