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  • Time for Business: Notes From ITMO CONF 2023

    A year ago, ITMO University announced a shift towards a new development model – a research and educational corporation. What is it and how does it differ from a regular university? And how can ITMO and its partner businesses create education of the future today? These questions were touched upon at ITMO CONF, an event that gathered together researchers, lecturers, and representatives of Sberbank, Tatneft, Samolet, and other industry leaders.


  • ChatGPT For School: How Students Use Neural Networks To Their Advantage

    The viral ChatGPT is becoming more and more powerful every day: it can now gather information, code, and even generate scripts. Though educational leaders are wary of its possible pitfalls, especially ever since a student confessed to using ChatGPT for his graduation paper, it can and already does create true value for teachers and students alike. In order to demonstrate its vast applications, ITMO hosted a meetup on the best ML and AI practices for the classroom.


  • Data-Driven Approach to Education at ITMO

    Educational programs are not only about the government’s standards and regulations. They should also take into consideration the needs and interests of prospective students and demands of the market to make the programs more attractive and interesting. ITMO specialists suggest a data-driven approach to education in order to achieve that. Ekaterina Bezyzvestnykh and Maxim Skryabin, heads of the Data-Driven Approach to Education Design summer school, discussed this concept with us.


  • How to Code With No Code: Course by ITMO Student

    Ekaterina Makarova, a second-year Master’s student at ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics, has authored a no-code programming course where students learn how to use specialized software to design and develop apps to produce MVPs, such as an app for organizing group cleanup events. Read on to learn how Ekaterina came up with the idea for her course and why she thinks other students should join the Students for Students initiative, too.


  • The Future of Higher Education Conference: ITMO Rector Vladimir Vasilyev on Strong AI and Personalized Learning

    On June 8, Moscow hosted the 10th annual university forum The Future of Higher Education organized by the agency RAEX Analytics. The event was attended by Vladimir Vasilyev, the Rector of ITMO University, who took part in a plenary discussion devoted to the changes in current geopolitical and economiс climate. Dr. Vasilyev stated that artificial intelligence is one of the key potential drivers of reform in education.


  • Academic Corporations, Not Universities: Skolkovo Institute Head Andrey Volkov on the Future of Universities and PIs in Russia

    A series of open lectures was held as part of ITMO PI School: Rising Stars on May 18-19. The event brought together leading experts from the Skolkovo Innovation Center, academia representatives, and ITMO research leaders to discuss which specialists universities need and how Russian science and education sectors are transforming in general. One of the speakers was Andrey Volkov, the head of Skolkovo’s Public Strategy Institute, a professor at the Moscow School of Management, and a supervisor of Project 5-100 and the Priority 2030 program, who spoke about how the transformation started, how universities are changing today, and why they should evolve into academic corporations instead.


  • ITMO.EduLeaders Winner Andrey Sukhovitsky: The Industry Needs IT Specialists Who Not Only Code But Can Easily Integrate Into Production Processes

    Andrey Sukhovitsky graduated from ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. Like many of his fellow students, Andrey started working at an IT company when he was still a student, and already then he acquired an interest in teaching. As he admits himself, he strived to become a passionate teacher and a true mentor for his students, always there to help them if they needed it. Now, the lecturer not only delivers a software design course but also introduces novel educational approaches. For instance, he figured out a way to simulate real industrial processes that are at work in modern IT companies at the university. His project received an award at the ITMO.EduLeaders contest. In the article, Andrey Sukhovitsky speaks more about his experiment and explains why programmers need soft skills and higher education.


  • Inside ITMO’s School of Life Sciences

    Established in 2021, ITMO’s School of Life Sciences brings together several departments engaged in interdisciplinary research at the intersection of chemistry, information technology, chemical engineering, biotechnology, bioinformatics, applied genomics, pharmacology, and many others. Read on to learn all about the school's research projects and educational programs.


  • ITMO.EduStars Winner Daria Chirva: Students Should Be Engaged, Not Forced To Learn

    The ITMO Edu Awards contest is an excellent opportunity for lecturers and mentors to present themselves professionally and win an award for their achievements in education. One of the contest’s winners, Daria Chirva, became the head of ITMO University’s Thinking educational module last year. In this interview, she speaks about what helped her win the award, explains why it’s important to deal with the ethical side of artificial intelligence, and elaborates on what philosophy and paragliding have in common.


  • ITMO.EduStars Winner Ksenia Kapelchuk on How Philosophy Can Help Get in Touch With Your Inner Self

    To stimulate its teachers and mentors, ITMO University has introduced the annual ITMO Edu Awards, meant to recognize superior accomplishments in education. ITMO.NEWS talked to Ksenia Kapelchuk, a philosophy lecturer and one of last year’s award winners, to learn more about what makes philosophy unique, how the pandemic affected teaching, and how she got into the art of fragrances.