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  • ITMO's Monday Science Roundup #14

    Every second Monday, we bring you a selection of the latest and most interesting news from the world of science in all its forms – from deep-cut research to entertaining pop-sci. In this issue, we’ll take a look at: a breakthrough in optical computing; new learning initiatives at ITMO; the best life hacks for students; and a pop-quiz for programming aficionados.


  • Discovering the Student-Led Plant-Based Menu Initiative at ITMO

    This Tuesday, I ventured from ITMO’s Internationalization Office on our Lomonosova campus to discover the plant-based menu I had heard about at the ITMO cafeteria on Chaykovskogo Street. The initiative, introduced last year by ITMO’s Sustainable Development Club, is about to span the whole university, contributing to more eco-friendly and healthy food choices on campus. Here is what I managed to find out about it.


  • Faster, Bigger, Livelier – Notes From the 16th Bike Ride With the Rector

    The first in this academic year, but 16th overall – yesterday’s traditional Bike Ride with the Rector coincided luckily with the last day of a short Indian summer. The event brought together dozens of students, lecturers, and staff of ITMO University. Together, they traveled the customary route through Primorsky Victory Park and over Yakhtenny Bridge. Despite a busy schedule, the university’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev led the event – and so did the staff of ITMO.NEWS. Here’s what we saw there.


  • Making Sense of the Russian Grading System

    Are you an international student hoping to get your degree in Russia? Prepare for your studies abroad by discovering features of the local grading system compared to others around the world!


  • ITMO.FUTURE 2.0: Winners Announced

    The second run of ITMO.FUTURE, a project that seeks to support the best initiatives by students and staff, has concluded its selection stage with an announcement of the students who will be in charge of implementing exciting new projects at ITMO.


  • New Coworking Space Now Open at ITMO’s Lomonosova 9 Campus

    Just last month, a new coworking space opened its doors at ITMO’s main building on Kronverksky Prospekt 49. On November 24, a counterpart opened at the Lomonosova St. 9 campus. Both of the coworking spaces and the upcoming library have been developed as part of the university’s overall transformation strategy that aims to make studying, working, and socializing comfortable and enjoyable for all students.