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  • Scientists Optimize Growing Neurons from Stem Cells Using Machine Learning and Robots

    A UK scientist and a PhD student from ITMO University’s Machine Learning Lab have created a robot that automates biological experiments. The invention will make it possible to train an algorithm for controlling the growth of neurons from stem cells. Going forward, the project’s authors plan to generate circuits from neurons grown that way. 


  • Physicists Discover Way to Control Transitions Between States of Matter

    An international team of physicists has managed for the first time to experimentally observe a transition between two different states of matter: a propagating polariton-soliton and a Bose-Einstein condensate. Furthermore, the researchers developed a theoretical model to explain such transitions and found a way to “switch” between the different states by changing the laser pumping power in the polariton formation process. The results are published in Physical Review Letters.


  • Physicists Create Crystal Lattice from Polaritons

    An international research team has produced an analog of a solid-body crystal lattice from hybrid photon-electron quasiparticles - polaritons. In the resulting polariton lattice, certain particles’ energy does not depend on their speed. At the same time, the lattice’s geometry, particle concentration and polarization properties can still be modified. This opens up new perspectives for study of quantum effects and the use of optical computing. Results of the study were published in Physical Review Letters.