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  • Urban Beauty: Where to Find Street Art in St. Petersburg

    Are you ready to become a street art enthusiast? In this introduction to the world of urban creative expression in St. Petersburg, we will help you get from “I know nothing about street art” to “street art connoisseur” through links to useful locations and tips on how to spot the next masterpiece of St. Pete’s Banksy.


  • Top Free Outdoor Summer Spaces in St. Petersburg

    Outdoor season is a big deal for St. Petersburg residents. As temperature gets higher and days – seemingly endless due to white nights, St. Petersburg turns into an outdoorsy city with quite a few lively public spaces and cozy terraces. From our weekly digests’ frequenters to freshly-opened locations, here’s where all the locals will hang out this summer.


  • Mathematical Modeling and Participatory Design: Urban Environment Competency Center Opens in St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg will soon become home to the Urban Environment Competency Center aimed to create a comfortable environment for living in the city. ITMO University was one of the initiators of this decision.


  • From the Peter and Paul Fortress to Five Corners: a quick guide to St. Petersburg for First-Year Students

    St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, the largest IT center in the country, and, of course, the home of ITMO. Hello, first-years! Now, you are officially a part of ITMO Family. And if you haven't had time to get to know the city yet, we made these five maps for you. On them, we have collected key attractions and the most interesting places worth visiting. And all of them are very close to the university’s buildings. We will start from the University’s main building on Kronverksky Pr. 49, let's go!


  • St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Singapore: ITMO Graduate on Improving City Infrastructure

    ITMO University graduate Valentin Melnikov got into high-performance computing during his Master’s program run by ITMO in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. He started his research with the question of how power cuts influence the traffic situation in Amsterdam. Thanks to ITMO University’s partnership with the University of Amsterdam, the graduate was invited to the Nanyang Technological University to work in the laboratory headed by Professor Peter Sloot who teaches at all three aforementioned universities. While in Singapore, Valentin is developing an infrastructure model which would help create a comfortable urban space in extremely hot and humid climate conditions. ITMO.NEWS met the graduate to talk about his research.