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  • Taiwan, an El Dorado for Startups? VISmart Company Says Yes

    Anton Kulikov, ITMO University graduate and staff member of ITMO’s Technopark resident company VISmart, has just recently returned from Taiwan. There, he took part in the Asia-Pacific Youth Forum on Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Only three participants from Russia were granted such an opportunity by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan, and ITMO University’s Center for Asian Cooperation helped them make this trip a reality. VISmart company representatives met with ITMO.NEWS to talk about how the project has changed over the years, what was their forum experience like, and which emerging fields the startup plans to conquer next. 


  • Technopark Resident VISmart: Helping Machines Think Like Humans

    Semantic information processing technologies and semantic web software will soon allow search engines to think almost like humans. Among other things, they would be able to make logical connections between various bits of data and combine databases into unified information systems. Better yet, this related data will be visualized in a form comprehensible to a regular user. The company VISmart, a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark, is working on several projects in this field. Recently they were joined by a scientist from Austria whose research will help VISmart in improving their service that focuses on searching for and visualizing information using semantic technology.


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