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  • Master’s Degree ++: Experts, Organizers and Participants on the Formula for an Ideal Master’s Program

    On April 25-27, ITMO University hosted the Master’s Degree ++ conference, which it organized together with the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. The event brought together winners of the Potanin scholarship contest for educators, experts from leading Russian and international universities, representatives of federal and regional agencies, business and nonprofit organizations. Over the course of three days, the specialists participated in discussions and practical sessions aimed at the identification of best practices of implementation of modern Master’s studies. ITMO.NEWS met the organizers and participants to find out what ideas the conference helped to establish, and what are the areas of growth Russian Master’s programs could benefit from exploring.


  • Areas of Growth in Russian Master’s Studies: Transformation of Programs and Ecosystem-Building

    Is there a future for the established Master’s programs created dozens of years ago? What is a university ecosystem and how is it formed? How to measure the institutional environment? And what are the potential areas of growth for regional universities? These questions were discussed as part of the third and last day of the “Master’s Degree ++” conference that has recently concluded in St. Petersburg. The conference was organized by ITMO University together with the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and brought together experts from leading Russian and international universities and winners of the 2018-2019 Potanin scholarship contest for educators. 


  • Academic Freedom and Focus on Interdisciplinarity: Leading Experts on Key Trends in Master’s Studies

    How are Master’s studies carried out in different countries and what main goals should they achieve? What kind of specialists the universities of today are aiming to train? And how to ensure the academic freedom of students? These and many other questions were up for the discussion hosted as part of the “Master’s Degree ++” conference organized by ITMO together with the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. Dedicated to key trends in Master’s studies all over the world, the discussion brought together leading experts from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Russia.


  • Master’s Degree ++ Conference: The Plenary Session in Review

    The conference “Master’s Degree ++: Coding the Education of the Future” has recently wrapped up in St. Petersburg. Organized by ITMO together with the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, it brought together the winners of the 2018-2019 Potanin scholarship contest, experts from leading Russian and international universities, and representatives of federal and regional government agencies, business and nonprofits. In the course of three days, participants took part in discussions and workshops aimed at identifying the best practices in the implementation of Master’s programs in Russia and worldwide.


  • Master’s Degree ++: Leading Experts Discuss the Future of Master’s Programs

    This year, ITMO University acts as the co-organizer of Vladimir Potanin Foundation’s Vladimir Potanin Foundation’s conference “Master’s Degree++: Programming the Future Education” conference. The event will take place in St. Petersburg on April 25-27 and will bring together the best lecturers for Master’s programs from Russian universities who became winners of the Grant Competition of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. Among the speakers will be rectors of Russian and international universities, leading researchers and representatives of companies.


  • Gamified Education and Blockchain for IPs: Winners of Potanin Foundation’s Grant Competition

    This year, the Potanin Foundation’s grant competition for Master’s-level educators has received 881 applications from 72 Russian universities. 100 participants of the competition will receive grants of up to 500,000 rubles. Of 28 applications submitted by ITMO University staff, three have been named among the winners. What are these projects? Learn below.


  • Awardees of 2018-2019 Potanin Scholarship Reveal Their Winning Hacks

    The results of the 2018-2019 Vladimir Potanin scholarship contest have just been announced. Among the 500 awardees are 30 Master’s students of ITMO University. ITMO.NEWS met several lucky winners to talk the projects the judges liked more than the others, and to learn why just being yourself is the best tactic for winning the contest. 


  • Over 300 Students From 14 Universities Compete for Potanin Scholarship at ITMO

    For the second year in a row, ITMO University became the only venue in St. Petersburg to host the onsite round of the Potanin scholarship contest. In the course of three days, some 360 Master’s students from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk competed in business games, learned to work in teams and presented their results to the expert panel of judges. Participants with the best results will be awarded with a monthly scholarship of 20,000 rubles. More on the contest in this article.


  • Grant Applications No Longer a Headache: Potanin Scholarship Lifehacks from Successful Contestants

    The application process for the Potanin Scholarship Program for academic staff will close in two weeks. ITMO.NEWS has already covered the process of applying for a Vladimir Potanin Scholarship as a student. Now it is ITMO lecturers’ turn to share their experiences of winning the grant. Last year, Deputy Director of the Science Communication and Outreach Office Daria Denisova participated in the ‘New…’ category and won a scholarship for completing her ‘Navigator for a science popularizer’ project, while Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations professor Tatyana Maksimova, together with a group of colleagues, was awarded a grant in the ‘Study program’ category. Here are their tried-and-tested life hacks to help you increase your chances of success both in the Potanin Scholarship contests and other grants out there!


  • ITMO University Hosts Potanin Foundation Competition

    This year, it will be the first time for ITMO University to host the final selection for the Vladimir Potanin Scholarship Program. From January 30 till February 3, the second onsite round is taking place at ITMO’s campus; 328 students from 11 Russian universities gathered in St. Petersburg to participate in the competition. Learn more about the event’s format, and what its participants expect from it!


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