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  • ITMO Scientists Develop Novel Hybrid Material to Prevent Post-Surgical Infection

    Even though medicine has made huge strides in recent years, around 10-20% of all patients still fall victim to infection-related postoperative complications caused by sterilization issues or overly resistant bacteria in hospitals. Since infection sites are typically hard to detect, researchers from ITMO’s SCAMT Institute have created a new suture material that will make it possible to track the spread of infection in real time. 


  • First Time in Such Detail: Researchers Analyze Surface Properties of Spider Web

    PhD students and researchers from ITMO’s SCAMT Institute and their collaborators from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) have analyzed the surface properties of the Linothele fallax spider’s silk and how they affect the properties of the material as a whole. The study demonstrates that spider web can be used in both surgery and food packaging. 


  • Roger Roger: How to Make Websites Understand Their Users

    How and why should we communicate with websites using our voice? What are screen-readers and how do they make websites more accessible? Are there any specifications and APIs for voice synthesis and recognition? These questions were answered by Alexey Okhrimenko, MALEVICH design pattern author, Angular Moscow tech meetups organizer, and content creator at the 5 Minutes of Angular podcast. His presentation took place as part of the Web Standard Days conference which was hosted by ITMO University last week. Previously held in Moscow and St. Petersburg, this event has gone global and now also takes place in Minsk, Riga, and Kiev.