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  • Google Celebrates 19th Birthday

    In late September, online giant Google celebrates its birthday. Two decades ago, the two Stanford students couldn’t imagine that one day their company would service more than half of the world’s search requests. On this day, we look back at how the simple search engine gained the love of millions of users.


  • WWSSS'17 Brings Together Social and Computer Sciences

    The annual WSTNet Web Science Summer School takes place on July 1 to 8 in St. Petersburg. This year, it is organized by the Laboratory of Internet Studies at Higher School of Economics and ITMO University’s International Laboratory “Computer Technologies”. This Summer School is a cross-disciplinary platform for discussion of the impact of the World Wide Web on our society. Today’s scientists draw from both social and computer sciences to study this transformation. WWSSS’17 brings together experts from many fields, but they are all united by their interest in the internet as a social and technological system.