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  • ITMO’s Faculty of Physics to Train Experts in Wireless Technologies

    Wireless Technologies, a new Bachelor’s program, is launching this year at the Faculty of Physics. The curriculum is tailored to students interested in radiophysics and high tech who are looking to pursue a career in industry or academia. Here is all you need to know about the program.


  • ITMO Researchers Create Light-Controlled Antenna for Fast and Secure 5G Data Transfer

    The new technology expands the coverage area even when the signal is weak by redirecting radiation from the base station to personal gadgets, drones, sensors, and other devices in the network. Compared to analogous devices, the new antenna is more energy-efficient, cheaper to produce, and has a simple adaptable design. 


  • ITMO Scientist Mingzhao Song: Each Time My Phone Runs out of Battery, I Realize That I Have to Work Harder

    ITMO University’s PhD researcher Mingzhao Song, one of the authors of the “smart table” technology that allows to charge electronic devices with no cords and plugs needed, will defend his thesis on September 13. He spoke about his predictions for the future of wireless power transfer, what differentiates research in China from that in Russia, and why he is so fascinated by Peter the Great’s imagination in an interview with ITMO.NEWS. 


  • ITMO University Researchers Develop ‘Smart Table’ for Wireless Charging at Record Distance

    Scientists from ITMO University have developed a prototype of a metasurface-based device that can be placed or embedded in a table in order to provide wireless charge to several gadgets at once. This “smart table” can wirelessly transmit energy without significant losses over the distance of a meter, which is hundreds of times more than the limit of existing wireless chargers. The researchers experimentally tested the device’s performance and described the physics behind it. The study was published in Physics Review Applied.