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  • Dare to Be: ITMO Launches Digital Project on Women in IT and Science

    IT, science, business – is it all a man’s world? ITMO University has asked women to answer that question and share their experience of overcoming fears and stereotypes on their way to their goals. The first four stories are featured in a short clip, but anyone can join the initiative: all you need to do is share the story of your first steps into IT, startups, or research on social media using the hashtag #девочкасмелее (Russian: “Girls, dare to…” – Ed.).


  • Movie Fridays: Films Made by Women

    Whether you are a true cinephile who’s seen it all or just someone trying to expand your cinematic horizons, today we have something just for you: a selection of movies directed by women. We are also trying to take a broader view on the art of cinema and are inviting you to join us on the ride. Enjoy! 


  • Three Mimosas for March 8th

    If you ask Russians what they associate the most with the International Women’s Day, they’re likely to say spring, flowers and… mimosas. What makes them such a special part of this celebration?


  • ITMO Celebrates International Women’s Day

    With International Women’s Day just around the corner, we caught up with some of the talented and hardworking ladies who work and study at ITMO to talk about their careers, where they find inspiration, and the important women in their lives.


  • On March 8 We Celebrate International Women’s Day

    Every year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. In Russia, this special day has been celebrated since 1913 and became a public holiday in 1965. 


  • Women in Science 2018

    March 8 is the day when women’s organizations around the world celebrate women’s rights and achievements. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, though women constitute just about 30% of scientists (about 40% in Russia), their role can hardly be overestimated. In this article, we write about women who made remarkable scientific discoveries and launched important projects in 2018.