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  • How To Get Back to the Grind After Vacation: Advice From a Psychologist

    If you find it hard to adjust after a vacation, rest easy – you’re not alone. As it turns out, over 50% of Russians report feeling depressed after their vacation comes to an end. In this article, Elena Karpova, a PhD in psychology and lecturer at ITMO’s Institute of International Development and Partnership, explains how to bounce back from post-holiday blues.


  • A Perfect CV: Land Your First Job With These Tips from Sberbank Experts

    Even though competition for jobs in IT is infamously tough, your CV can help secure your job prospects among thousands of similar specialists on the job market. Learn how to compile one with the tips shared by experts from Sberbank at the educational forum It’s Your Call! 


  • How To Relax Properly and Not Burn Out: Advice From a Psychologist

    The first work week of the new year is officially over, and if you felt like it would never end, then you are not alone. How do you prevent burnout or falling prey to routine? How not to be suffocated by the routine? What is proper rest culture? And why is maintaining proper work-life balance not working out for you? We teamed up with Olga Gofman, a PhD in psychology, a lecturer at the Institute of International Development and Partnership, and a research associate at the Research Center “Strong AI in Industry” to answer these questions.


  • How To Return to Work After Holiday Season When Motivation Is Lacking

    Whether we like it or not, all holidays eventually end, and we have to get back to our routine of studying and working. But it might prove especially challenging after having a whole week off after New Year’s. We teamed up with Evgenia Shestakova, a psychologist and a lecturer at ITMO’s Institute of International Development and Partnership, to figure out how to make returning to work after a long rest easier.


  • Building Work-Life Balance From Scratch as a Translator Applying for a PhD

    Having repeatedly found myself unable to fall asleep because of the list of things to do at work and at home, as well as the burning regret over things I am failing at, I decided to set off on a journey towards a more balanced life. Can I learn to prevent burnout and frustration and establish boundaries between work, PhD aspirations, and a relatively active personal life? Let's see what my week-long experiment taught me.


  • Work Like a Russian

    Ever wondered what the work culture is like in Russia? Here's one personal experience to help you fit right in.