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  • How To Promote Your Business Online: Channels, Tips, and Common Mistakes

    What are the best ways to promote your project on social media via a website, a blog, or your own YouTube channel? What strategies should you try? And what common mistakes can you avoid when starting your campaign? Valerie Kraskova, founder of the Lab322 marketing agency, answered all these questions at an ITMO Accelerator workshop.


  • Beginner’s Guide to Brainstorming and Writing Articles for Scientific Journals

    How many experiments should you carry out for an article? What do you do if you can't get into Nano Letters on the first try? And, above all, how do you deal with frustration and burnout? Find all the answers to these troubling questions in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • Familiar Things in a New Light: Art & Science Graduate Laura Rodriguez's Open Lecture on BioArt

    In late October, the artist Laura Rodriguez gave an open lecture on BioArt at the Yasnaya Polyana coworking space. The event was held as part of ITMO.FAMILY’s alumni engagement program.


  • ITMO University Teams Reach the Finals of Digital Opera Contest

    The finals of the Digital OPERA Performance, an international contest for media artists and multimedia directors, will take place in St. Petersburg on October 24-25. Several teams from ITMO University will take part in the final gala concert at which the winners will be announced.


  • Participate in Workshops, Courses, and Summer Schools by the Leading Universities at Home

    This summer probably won’t go as planned, however, this doesn’t mean that it will be wasted. Even though some summer schools got canceled, many of them will take place online, becoming more available for everyone. If you’re not the one to give up and miss out on great opportunities, check out our list of 2020 international summer schools: you can apply and participate in them online. This is the first part of the list, only the courses with approaching deadlines are included.


  • Make It Like a Russian: Free Classes in St. Petersburg

    Last week I did two things: went back to school and built a table from scratch. They might seem like unrelated events, but really they’re part of a greater, spring-inspired move to learn something new. There’re plenty of ways to do that for free in St. Petersburg. 


  • Micro-Mobility, Fiber Concrete, Nanomaterials: Students Propose Innovations for ITMO Highpark Campus

    A series of workshops on creating a comfortable territorial ecosystem of ITMO Highpark has recently kicked off in St. Petersburg. The first workshop brought together students of three St. Petersburg’s universities – ITMO University, St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and International Banking Institute, who discussed the project of ITMO Highpark’s future dormitory building in the brainstorming format. In the course of two days, the students had to come up with solutions that would facilitate the implementation of the project and reduce its cost. Young architects, engineers and economists presented their ideas, some of which can potentially reduce the cost of the project by several million rubles.


  • A Series of Workshops on ITMO Highpark’s Ecosystem Kicks Off in St. Petersburg

    The workshop “New materials and technologies for the creation of comfortable territorial ecosystem of ITMO Highpark” has kicked off at the Boiling Point (Tochka Kipenia) space of the International Banking Institute in St. Petersburg. Over the course of two days, its participants will brainstorm solutions for new innovative materials and technologies for building state-of-the-art campus dormitories south of the city as part of the ITMO Highpark project. ITMO.NEWS attended the workshop’s opening to find out what tasks are the participants set with, how the work will be conducted and what innovations can be introduced into the plan of ITMO Highpark as a result. 


  • Dare to Fulfil Your Dreams: Take Part in Goal-Setting Marathon

    ITMO University’s Personal Development Center “Rhythm” is launching a series of workshops on goal-setting. In the course of two weeks, you’ll familiarize yourself with various goal-setting techniques, both creative and analytical, and become one step closer to achieving your dreams!


  • SciComm at Sirius: ITMO Graduates Help Kids Explore Science and Art

    ITMO University’s Center for Science Communication and the Sirius Educational Center are intensifying their collaboration in the field of science communication: during workshops organized at the Center by ITMO graduates, school students learned about science communication and Art&Science and took part in discussions on technological modification of the human genome. Throughout the next year, more ITMO University students are expected to travel to Sochi to take part in similar initiatives.