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  • Why Factories Are Once Again Popular Among Young Optics Specialists

    Evgeniy Moiseev graduated from ITMO University three years ago; today, he works at the Krasnogorsky Factory, one of Russia’s top optics manufacturers and a part of the Rostec state corporation, where he designs and creates optical devices for use in space exploration, photography and medicine. Speaking with ITMO.NEWS, he explained why factory work is once again a popular choice among young Russian specialists and how universities can prepare engineering students for employment in the high tech industry.


  • Zenit FC Fan-Club Re-Opens at ITMO University

    On March 15, the St. Petersburg Stadium, also known as Zenit Arena, hosted a Europa League game between Zenit St. Petersburg and RB Leipzig; ITMO University’s Zenit FC fan-club and KronBars sports club took part in the pre-game Fan Promenade. Zenit Arena will now host a regular ITMO University area, while the university’s students can win tickets to Zenit’s games and participate in fan events.