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  • ITMO Launches New Master’s Program in Computer Vision

    The university’s School of Physics and Engineering is launching a new Master’s program. Studies will take place at the intersection of three disciplines: videosystems engineering, physical optics, and computer science. The program’s graduates can work as programmers and engineers, capable of creating systems that process images and video. Here’s what the new program will offer – and how to apply.


  • ITMO Launches New Corporate Master’s Track in Computer Vision

    For this new program, ITMO University will partner up with Napoleon IT, a Russian IT company whose staff together with ITMO lecturers will train students to work with face recognition, deepfake, and object recognition technologies. The new track will be part of the Master’s program Infocommunications and Digital Media.


  • How New Technologies Make Smart Systems Really Smart

    Modern computers are able to see, think and make decisions. Fortunately they are not smarter than humans but they also can learn, which makes it possible to bridge a gap in the nearest future.