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  • Not Just NFTs: Experts Discuss New Applications for Blockchain

    How much do you know about blockchain? For most people, the word is strongly associated with cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. However, this technology has long expanded beyond the world of digital finance and is now actively being used in both business and education. At the Not Just NFTs meetup on May 4, experts spoke about how blockchain can help us study, transport priceless museum exhibits, and even extract oil.


  • Pop Goes the Bubble: A Quick Guide to Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and ICOs

    The price of Bitcoin has just hit its 2019 high. Experts claim that the digital currency may experience a sudden price bump this summer, but is not likely to hit its earlier record values. So what happened in February of 2017? How did Bitcoin get so popular? And what is blockchain all about? Anna Lopatukhina, a product manager at Wrike and a graduate of ITMO University’s Computer Technologies Department, answered these and other questions during a lecture for ITMO’s Open FinTech course.


  • 24-Year Old Millionaire on Cryptocurrency and Personal Development

    ITMO University graduate Sergey Khitrov launched his first business when he was a first-year Bachelor’s student and earned his first million rubles at the age of 19. Now he organizes major international conferences on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies and works on several projects. Among them is Listing.Help, a company that helps other companies make it to big cryptocurrency exchanges. Over the last year and a half, the company has promoted more than 400 ICO projects. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Sergey Khitrov talks about the future of blockchain technologies and the latest trends in the field of cryptocurrency.


  • That Blockchain Life: Cryptocurrency Experts on Field’s Challenges and Opportunities

    On November 7-8, St. Petersburg hosted Blockchain Life, the biggest international forum on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining in Russia and Eastern Europe. Representatives of top companies gathered at the St. Petersburg Expoforum to discuss contemporary challenges facing the industry. What staggers its development? How will the field be regulated in Russia? Why are talented developers leaving for Singapore? ITMO.NEWS put down the keynotes of the event’s presentations. 


  • Cindicator: A Startup To Ease You Way Into Cryptocurrency Markets

    What is hybrid intelligence and how can it help us make more accurate forecasts for highly volatile markets? Is it possible to fully factor in all the risks related to cryptocurrency markets? And why are worthwhile projects so easy to miss? Three years ago, Mikhail Brusov, Yury Lobyncev, and Artyom Baranov founded Cindicator, an innovative fintech startup. Using hybrid technologies as their main tool, the company have created several products allowing for complex analytics of financial markets. Last year, Cindicator raised $15,000,000 of investments through the means of initial coin offering (ICO). Following the startup successes, its founders now plan to branch out into creating a full-fledged capital management system. ITMO.NEWS met Cindicator co-founder and ITMO graduate Artyom Baranov to learn more about the company and its key projects.


  • How Blockchain Technologies Are Changing Everyday Professions

    Blockchain technology has existed for almost 10 years now, but its potential has only begun to unravel in the past few years. Blockchain had a great effect on the field of finance, especially in regards to cryptocurrency, accounting, interactions between banks, and government regulation in the field of finance. Dmitry Plahov,  coordinator  of Dash, a community of St. Petersburg-based blockchain developers, recently gave a lecture on how different professions have changed with the development of blockchain technology.


  • Startup Pallium Promises Smarter AI

    Pallium is a startup working on a platform for rapid learning, safe storage and easy deployment of AI models in a decentralized environment. Pallium is like a "school" where you can train your artificial intelligence or provide data or computing power to teach other AI models in exchange for rewards. Rewards are tokens that can be spent on training other models or withdrawn through an exchange. Pallium is currently a member of the Future Technologies acceleration program at ITMO University’s Business Incubator. How does it work and why do we need it? Find out that and much more in our interview with Pallium co-founder Anton Zhuravlev.


  • Telegram Messenger: a Short Guide to the Hit Russian App

    The Telegram messaging app has reached 200 million active users this March. In Russia, it rivals WhatsApp and other messaging platforms, but is only marginally known in the west. A futuristic network? Chatbots? Stickers? Here’s the scoop. 


  • ITMO Students’ Project Cryptopus Helps Cryptocurrency Investors Reduce Risks

    According to CoinMarketCap, in December of 2017, the total value of the cryptocurrency market finally surpassed $500 billion. The cryptocurrency market is currently inferior only to the world’s five biggest public companies – Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. The past year was also marked by a rapid growth in the number of cryptocurrency exchanges, which continue to attract new users. But how does a newcomer make money on cryptocurrency, save the investors’ money and avoid scammers? Having experienced failure with cryptocurrency himself, ITMO student Alexandr Romanov founded the blockchain marketplace Cryptopus, which aims to establish a network of relationships between investors and traders. The project’s creators spoke to ITMO.NEWS about its features and development.


  • Blockchain Community Meetup: What Is Mining About?

    ITMO University recently hosted the 7th meetup of the St. Petersburg community of blockchain developers - the city’s largest professional community headed by Sberbank employee and ITMO graduate Dmitriy Plakhov. During the event, specialists shared about some of the peculiarities of working with blockchain systems. The event also announced the launching of ITMO’s new Blockchain Campus - an open space where anyone would be able to get the resources necessary for conducting projects in the field of blockchain.