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  • RAISON Developers on Using AI for Financial Analysis

    On November 11 to 14, the d10e conference on financial technologies was held in Davos, Switzerland. Among the topics were FinTech, ICO, blockchain, sharing economy. RAISON, a project by ITMO’s small innovative enterprise “Intellectual Information Systems” (IIS) and Threesixty Elements S.A. was presented there. In the near future, RAISON will become an investor’s pocket assistant: the system analyses the market, news and historical data to advise users on investment strategies. The project is based on elements of the AI system AKIL.IO developed by IIS. Denis Zhuk, AKIL.IO’s sales manager and PhD student at ITMO, and Andrey Gordeychuk, head of IIS, talk about RAISON and the integration of new technologies into the investment ecosystem.