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  • When Newton Dances: Head of Student Dance Club on Fusing Science and Dance

    Since 2006, ITMO University has been home to Flame, a student dance studio that specializes in a variety of styles including hip-hop, house, locking, waacking, and others. Its members not only learn to dance, but also participate in dance battles and festivals – and even stage their own performances and musicals. ITMO.NEWS met with the studio’s head Elizaveta Nekrasova to learn why she left behind mathematics to pursue dance and how it can be used to explain the laws of physics.


  • Student Spotlight: Bryan Amir Nassef Gergeis, Egypt

    Meet Bryan from Cairo, Egypt who is a fantastic dancer and robotics whizz. He’s currently enrolled in his first year of Bachelor’s studies in the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence program at ITMO. His favorite dance style is krumping because it helps him express his emotions and feelings. His dream is to be one of the top 16 at the Red Bull Dance Your Style, a popular dance competition. We got the opportunity to talk to him and learn more about his love for dancing.


  • ITMO University’s Anatomy of Movement Course Will Help Improve Your Health

    A series of four short video lectures will be interesting to dancers and anyone wanting to learn more about the anatomy of movement. It covers basic theory of biomechanics and practical exercises to do at home.