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  • Learn to Grow Your Business While Caring for the Planet at ITMO

    Sustainable Development and Environmental Management is a new Master’s program that’s just launched at ITMO. There, you’ll get to learn to implement green technologies in production and develop sustainable business strategies that account for not only generating income but also the effect on society and environment. Created in collaboration with industrial partners, this program is oriented towards solving actual challenges that companies are facing today. Read on to learn more.


  • Student Spotlight: Carl Hakim, Egypt

    Over a span of 123 years, ITMO has witnessed countless stories of ambition and innovation unfold on its campuses. Walking on a similar path, our international student Carl Hakim has embarked on a transformative journey at ITMO, where he now stands as a second-year Master's student specializing in the revolutionary field of industrial ecology. In today’s interview, Carl delves into his project and shares his captivating experiences in the enchanting city of St. Petersburg, which has become his second home.


  • Picture of the Week: Hermetia Illucens or Black Soldier Flies

    The title photo depicts an insectarium with a broodstock of Hermetia illucens, also known as the black soldier fly. Its larvae, rich in fat and protein, may be used as an alternative livestock feed additive.


  • Inside the Industrial Ecology and Cleaner Production Master’s Program at ITMO University

    The Industrial Ecology and Cleaner Production program launched at ITMO University just a few years ago but quickly became popular among applicants. Recently, the program kicked off in a new format. Learn more about the program’s main subjects and the international opportunities available to its students in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Smaragda Georgouli: Art is Not a Hobby, It’s a Way of Life

    Smaragda (Esmeralda) Georgouli comes from Greece, she is currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s in Athens, studying European and International Studies, at the University of Piraeus. She came to ITMO for an exchange semester in Industrial ecology. Fascinated by her point of view on different subjects — especially on her interest in art — we decided to have a small chat. 


  • Environmental Education of Students: Joint Project by Russia, Finland, Sweden and Latvia

    Four ITMO University students took part in an international project organized by universities in Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Latvia. Designed for two years, the program focuses on the principles of the closed-loop economy. Each semester brings new participants, cases and a host country. This fall, four ITMO University students visited enterprises in Finland and worked on real-life cases in international teams. Read on to learn more about the project, as well as what ideas were proposed and how things are with industrial ecology in Russia and Europe.


  • Professor Alessandra Bonoli on Ecodesign, Circular Economy and Life Cycle Thinking

    In late February, professor Alessandra Bonoli from the University of Bologna (Italy) gave a series of lectures at ITMO University. Prof. Bonoli is an expert in the field of the Integrated Product Policy of the European Union, which aims to facilitate the transition from traditional manufacturing to environmentally responsible production. As part of the Industrial Ecology and Cleaner Production international program, Prof. Bonoli delivered the course “Eco-Design and Life Cycle Thinking”. ITMO.NEWS spoke to her and learned how circular economy, ecodesign and life cycle thinking contribute to sustainable development.