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  • Andrei Gomez: Learn English to Get the Most Out of Life

    Andrei Gomez De Oliveira Giovanni is a Master’s degree student in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at ITMO University. He is currently doing an internship at Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (Brazil) where, under the supervision of Dr. Dmitry Kolpashchikov, his team is developing quantitative logic-gated DNA nanomachines designed to treat cancer. Andrey’s research focuses on improving the CRISPR-Cas9 methodologies to edit the bovine genome.


  • How to Teach in English: EMI Teacher Training Course for Lecturers of Russian Universities

    ITMO University just completed the results of a 13-week “English as a Medium of Instruction Teacher Training” professional development course. 15 specialists from different Russian universities took part in the course. For the first 12 weeks, the lecturers studied online: they watched lectures and completed relevant tasks. The last week of the course was devoted to practice and was held at ITMO University. 


  • Professional Reboot: Empower Program at ITMO University

    Last week, ITMO University hosted a presentation session where participants of ITMO’s Empower program presented their projects for the Entrepreneurship module. According to the program’s coordinators, some of the projects are so good that they have all the chances to operate as full-fledged businesses. Read on to learn more about the Empower program and its participants. 


  • Expert Mona Khalil on Cross-Cultural Awareness, Communication, and Understanding Cultures Through Food

    Cross-cultural studies expert Mona Abdel Malik Khalil has earned her PhD at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and is the author of numerous scientific articles that focus on culture and communication between Russia and Egypt. She had just finished delivering the course Internationalization of Research at ITMO University when a writer for ITMO.NEWS got the chance to ask her about the popularization of the term cross-cultural and the growing need to understand different cultures, as well as our own. 


  • More than ESP: International Experts on How to Teach English Effectively in Higher Education

    Last week, the “More than ESP” international conference was held at ITMO University bringing together English language teaching specialists from around the world. An ITMO.NEWS correspondent attended the conference and got the chance to talk to experts from different countries about their views on current trends in education, the role of technology in education and the way teaching English could change in the 21st century.  


  • Women of ITMO's Empower Program Take Their Careers to New Heights

    Is it scary to make a change midlife? Sure, but it’s exciting, too! Just ask the women participating in the Empower program at ITMO University.


  • Russian Language Summer School: Behind the Curtain

    After asking students about their experience of learning the Russian language we decided to take a peek behind the scenes and ask the teachers about their experiences teaching the Russian language to foreign students. 


  • Russian Language and Culture Summer School: Leading the Way to Better Career Prospects

    ITMO University’s Russian Language and Culture Summer School, which took place this July, attracted students from the United States, England, Belgium, Poland, Germany and Taiwan. We caught up with some of them and talked about their experience. 


  • 10 Secrets to Expat Life In St. Petersburg

    So, you've packed up your life, said goodbye to your childhood friends, family, colleagues and are now ready to take a huge leap into the unknown: moving to another country. Probably the first thing you are going to do is to look for some new friends. While that’s terrifying, it can also be very exciting. St. Petersburg, and Russia in general, is a great place to be a foreigner. There is a culture of hospitality in Russia and foreigners are often treated like celebrities, especially if they speak English, as everyone is excited to learn and practice new languages.


  • Education For Everyone: Global Experts Discuss Future of Open Education

    On May 27-28, the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris hosted a special meeting that brought together educational experts from more than 50 countries of the world. Experts discussed and provided suggestions for the Open Educational Resources (OER) project, which aims to make educational resources open and accessible to all, as well as to encourage international collaboration in the propagation of knowledge. Representing Russia at the meeting was Yulia Romanenko, a staff member of ITMO University, who spoke with ITMO.NEWS about the expert group’s work and the significance of the project to the development of global education partnerships.


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