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  • Student Spotlight: Kaykhan Noyan, Afghanistan

    Motivation plays a big role in determining one’s course of action. For Kaykhan, the motivation to study in Russia came from the movies. Growing up as a child in Afghanistan, he watched numerous Russian movies that instilled in him a strong feeling of love and belonging toward the country. To fulfill his dream of living in Russia, Kaykhan enrolled in ITMO’s Bachelor's Program in Computer Systems and Technologies. What has he been up to since? Read on to find out.


  • ITMO’s Russian Language and Culture Summer School: An Online Experience

    For the sixth year in a row, ITMO is bringing Russian language and culture to the world. Although the school was conducted online for the third time, this format helped to expand the school’s reach. This year we had students from 10 different countries join the school to improve their language skills and also get a deep dive into Russian culture, cinema, history and politics.


  • More Than ESP: From the Classroom to the Workplace

    ITMO University has recently hosted the fourth international More than ESP conference. The purpose of the conference is to promote and explore the field of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) as well as other cutting-edge areas of English language learning.  For the first time in its history, the event was held entirely online with over 300 participants from nearly 20 countries around the world and about 70 cities across Russia.


  • ITMO’s Russian Language and Culture Winter School: Experiences from Our Students

    At ITMO University we offer several short-term programs in different fields of interest. Usually, these courses are held in winter or summer. This time we had the opportunity to talk with some of the students who participated in the Winter School in Russian Language and Culture. They shared their thoughts, knowledge, expectations, and experiences of taking the course online because of COVID-19.


  • Student Spotlight: Allison Ascanio, Colombia

    Allison Ascanio is a first-year Bachelor’s student of Biotechnology at ITMO University. We chat with her about her experiences in Russia and how her vision of Russia has changed dramatically throughout this past year.


  • ITMO Student Daniil Kazantsev on His Sign Language Translation Technology

    Back in the ninth grade, Daniil Kazantsev started working on a new device – a sign language translator that would help deaf people communicate in sign language even with those who do not know it.


  • Blended Learning: Best of Online and Offline

    ITMO University has recently hosted an online intensive course for university staff on the subject of blended learning and digital competencies. Below you’ll find our notes and highlights from the tips shared by speakers Aleksandr Maiatin, Aleksandra Shparberg, and Joseph Taylor.


  • ITMO’s Russian Language and Culture Summer School: A Passion for Learning

    Since 2016, ITMO University has hosted a Russian language summer school for language learning enthusiasts around the world. This year, from July 1 to 28, the school was held online for the first time with 22 participants from 10 countries including Canada, China, the UK, the USA and several countries in Europe. We talked to a few of the participants to learn about their experiences during the summer school and what attracted them to Russian language and culture. 


  • ITMO International Master’s Programs: A 2020 Overview

    Studying at a top university in St. Petersburg is every young person’s dream, and with International Master’s programs at ITMO, you have an excellent chance to receive a stellar education in Russia while studying in English. We recently shared with you an article about double-degree programs at ITMO University, which offer a unique opportunity to receive two Master's degrees from two universities in two years. But beyond that, there are another 17 International Master’s programs at ITMO that you can take in English. You'll be studying in an international environment alongside students from all around the world, and if you’d like to further your academic experience, you can also participate in study abroad programs.


  • Digital Science: IT Solutions for Academic Writing

    ITMO.NEWS has already published some advice on writing articles in English in such a way that they’d be accepted by an international journal. In this article, we’ll focus on two useful tools: the first can be of help to those who aren’t confident in their English skills and the second can help make an article more accessible to the academic community and increase the number of its citations.