With all the different departments responsible for all kinds of different areas, sometimes it can be difficult to tell who does what. In this article, we’ll focus on the international departments that support students and staff most directly, who you should talk to, where to find them, and how to contact them. A portion of the staff of the Institute of International Development and Partnership are located in one of the wings of the historical building on Lomonosova St. 9 – what is often referred to as the “International Office.” You can enter this office through its own entrance, separate to the main entrance of the campus.

Visa support for students

Every international student who wants to study at ITMO needs support with their Russian visa: from getting their invitation letter and extending their visas, to registering their place of residence. The team at the Migration Services Office, headed by Alexandra Khalilova, is always ready to help.

You can contact Alexandra at aakhalilova@itmo.ru or visit room 2139d (third door on the left when entering the International Office on Lomonosova St. 9). You can also find members of the team working in the lobby area upon entrance to the office.

English language programs

There are many programs at ITMO University offered in the English language, with over 25 Master’s programs, nearly 20 summer and winter schools, and a special semester exchange program for incoming students in English. The staff of the International Admissions Office organizes all these programs, including admissions, student support, and the buddy system to help students.

You can contact the team via international@itmo.ru or +7 (812) 480-09-20, as well as find them in room 2139c (second door on the right when entering the International Office). If you have questions specific to our summer and winter schools, contact Ekaterina Rassolenko at e.rassolenko@itmo.ru; regarding the exchange semester for incoming students, contact Aleksandra Zavalina at aizavalina@itmo.ru; regarding the Buddy System, write to Daria Tolochko at daria@itmo.ru .

Russian language programs

The International Students Learning and Support Center is specifically designed to help students of Russian language programs and the Foundation Program. Anyone who studied in ITMO’s Foundation Program will know Ekaterina Gurzheeva who, despite the language barrier sometimes faced by newcomers to ITMO, is able to connect with every student. The rest of the staff of the Center, headed by Marina Serova, are there to help support all students throughout their studies in all aspects of the process.

You can contact this team at int.students@itmo.ru; you’ll also find them sitting in the front reception area of the International Office, as well as in the first two offices on the left (2139b and 2139e). 

Credit: Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

Credit: Dmitry Grigoryev / ITMO.NEWS

International Staff Support

Staff who join ITMO University from abroad are helped before and during their time at ITMO with everything related to their contract, banking, and visa by the International Faculty Support Office, headed by Maria Fedotova. You can contact her team at inv@itmo.ru and +7 (812) 480-10-25 or find them on Kronverksky Pr. 49 at the Rector's Hall (Mission Control Center).

For those faculty coming to ITMO through the Fellowship and Professorship program, you’ll be in contact with Yulia Khutornaia or Yulia Stepanova at fellowship@itmo.ru and +7 (812) 607-04-66 to arrange all aspects of your time at ITMO; you can also visit them in person in room 3103 on Lomonosova St. 9.

Study-abroad opportunities

Twice a year, ITMO students can participate in the semester exchange competition, where finalists have the opportunity to complete an exchange semester at a partner university of their choice. The competition is run by the International Educational Programs Office, which also manages the joint and double-degree programs at ITMO. The person to contact would be Tatevik Gynosyan at outgoing@itmo.ru or +7 (812) 480-08-70. You can also find the team at the far end of the International Office (2139l, above the staff dining area).

If you’re keen for some short-term opportunities abroad, such as internships or conferences, contact Olga Ovsyannikova from the Academic Mobility Support Office at short-term@itmo.ru. There’s also a great Study Abroad at Home program at ITMO, which lets you join incoming exchange students and take courses in English. For more info, contact Ekaterina Rassolenko at e.rassolenko@itmo.ru.

University-wide international subjects

All students at ITMO have the opportunity to study English or Russian as a foreign language, depending on their native language. This is coordinated by the Foreign Language Training Center, headed by Anastasia Nikulenko and located in room 3208 on Lomonosova St. 9. You can also reach them at fltc@itmo.ru or +7 (812) 607-04-72.

Soft skills are also studied by all students at ITMO and coordinated by the staff at the Internationalization Department, led by Maria Didkovskaia. You can get answers to all your soft skills questions at softskills@itmo.ru or by visiting room 3103 on Lomonosova St. 9.

Credit: ITMO University

Credit: ITMO University

Other offices and departments

Beyond all these great offices, there are still so many more, such as the International Cooperation Department, which manages educational and research activities with Asia-Pacific countries and the Internationalization Office, which manages all online English-language web and social media pages, including ITMO.NEWS. The Institute also includes the Rankings Research Center, which works with the world’s leading ranking agencies and helps the university maintain and enhance its reputation at home and abroad. When it comes to international cooperation and contracts, the International Organizational and Legal Support Office is the behind-the-scenes team.

The institute is also engaged in research and education offering several interdisciplinary Master’s programs. There are three main centers: the Art & Science Center, the Center for Science Communication, and the Digital Humanities Center. They each offer at least one Master’s program.

So, now you know a lot about the International Office, who to talk to, and where to go. You can also find all the important contact details for the International Office staff here.