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  • What is ITMO's Buddy System and How Does it Work?

    The Buddy System is a project that brings together international and Russian students. ITMO.NEWS met with its head Anna Gargalyk to learn more about the club’s foundation, its events and members, and also asked her to describe the ideal Buddy.


  • New Academic Year: Resources to Get Ready

    Welcome to a decidedly different, but nevertheless exciting new academic year! As you probably know, it’s kicking off in a blended format – both online and in-person. Whether you’re in St. Petersburg or learning from home, here’re some resources to help you get off to a great start:


  • Alyona Kudlayeva: Dance Helped Me Learn More About Myself

    Coming from the central Asian country of Kazakhstan, from the city of Shymkent, Alyona Kudlayeva has just graduated from ITMO’s Science Communication master’s program and shares a bit about her studies and some facts about her passion – dance.  


  • International Graduates 2020 Discuss Their Experience at ITMO University

    Every year, lots of students from all over the world come to study at ITMO University. We asked international graduates of our Master’s programs to describe their academic achievements and share some thoughts about studying in St. Petersburg.


  • ITMO International Master’s Programs: A 2020 Overview

    Studying at a top university in St. Petersburg is every young person’s dream, and with International Master’s programs at ITMO, you have an excellent chance to receive a stellar education in Russia while studying in English. We recently shared with you an article about double-degree programs at ITMO University, which offer a unique opportunity to receive two Master's degrees from two universities in two years. But beyond that, there are another 17 International Master’s programs at ITMO that you can take in English. You'll be studying in an international environment alongside students from all around the world, and if you’d like to further your academic experience, you can also participate in study abroad programs.


  • International Double-Degree Master’s Programs at ITMO University

    You like science and technology, you want to get your Master’s, you’ve dreamed of living in a cultural European city, oh, and you speak English. In that case, ITMO University is a clear choice. With at least 24 international Master’s programs to choose from as of June 2020, there’s definitely something for you! Engaging in a double-degree program can give students an opportunity to learn from world-class professors and study at two different universities.  


  • Prithu Roy: Desire to Be Part of a Unique Experience Brought Me Here

    ITMO student Prithu Roy came from Varanasi, India and is currently enrolled in the Master’s program Nanophotonics and Metamaterials at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering. Before coming to Russia, he finished his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Electronics and Communication) and was also a tutor in advanced mathematics and physics to pre-university students.


  • ITMO’s Buddy System: Helping International Students Feel at Home

    Every student who has ever been on exchange knows how hard it can be to adapt to the new surroundings, get all your papers sorted, and adjust to the new timetable and academic process. It’s important to have someone you can ask for help at this time, a friendly face you can look for in a crowd of your new fellow students – and that is where buddies come in to save the day. At ITMO, these are found in Buddy System, a student club whose manager, Anna Gargalyk, I caught up with for this interview. 


  • Shubham Kunal: My 5 Favorite Things about ITMO and More

    Shubham Kunal is a Bachelor’s degree student in Applied Informatics at ITMO University. He came to St. Petersburg from Dhanbad, a small town known as the coal capital of India and the second-most populous city in the state of Jharkhand.


  • Caio Alvares De Angelis: We Need to Have Free Time to Enjoy Our Lives to the Fullest, Robots Will Help

    Caio Alvares De Angelis comes from São Paulo, Brazil. He is currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s there in Automation and Robotics Engineering. He came to ITMO University for an exchange semester this spring.