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  • Culture Shock and How To Deal With It

    Moving overseas for higher education is an exciting prospect for many. Every year, numerous students leave the comfort of their homes to study in a foreign land – which, obviously, has several benefits. But while exploring new cities and people can be exhilarating, culture shock is prevalent among international students. Why does it happen? Can it be avoided? What are the best practices to deal with it?


  • Best Apps Used by International Students in Russia

    Sometimes, the secret to great results lies in the tools you use in the process. That’s why, for this week’s story, we’ve reached out to our international students and asked them to share their favorite apps for studies. Below, you will find their collective wisdom and tips for everything from note-taking and time management to understanding Russian and solving complex math equations.


  • Russian Visas, Language Classes and Studying Abroad: Navigating ITMO’s International Office

    Located in the historical part of ITMO University’s Lomonosova St. campus, the International Office is an awesome hub for all things international. With over 250 administrative, research and teaching staff and over 20 departments and labs, the Institute of International Development and Partnership, headed by Daria Kozlova, has become a huge part of the university’s machinery. There are lecturers, researchers, translators, and support staff for students and faculty, all striving to help the university make its international students and staff feel truly at home.


  • 10 First Week Must-Dos for ITMO Students

    Congratulations, you're a freshman at ITMO! If you're wondering how to start out in both a fun and productive way, make use of our (absolutely non-binding) checklist for an adventurous first week at the university.


  • Start of the Academic Year: Handy Hints and Useful Links

    So your first year of university is kicking off this week. What resources are out there to help you get prepared? If you’re just moving to St. Petersburg for the first time, we’ve already prepared a special guide to help you consider all the important aspects of your big move. Now we want to help you dive into student life. The countdown is on.


  • Dorm Life At ITMO Through The Eyes of International Students

    Living abroad can be full of unexpected surprises, and one major topic of concern is always accommodation. Prospective students often ask where they’re going to live and what the dorms are like. At ITMO, we have several housing options, each equipped with modern amenities to make it feel like home. Here’s what ITMO students say about their experience living in the university’s dormitories.


  • Working in Russia: A Guide For International Students

    One of the biggest questions that international students have is: can I work while I study? Whether it is working at a library or a cafe, many would love a part-time job to gain some extra money. And they can do it! In Russia, international students can work on a student visa – and sometimes you don’t even need a work permit! Find out more in this article.


  • Student Spotlight: Hang Ly, Vietnam

    Meet our Vietnamese international student: Hang Ly, who is currently studying Russian at ITMO’s Foundation Program. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on being an international student and learning Russian. Through her personal opinions and stories, you can find a lot of useful information about ITMO and St. Petersburg. Read on to get a glimpse of her summer plans, too.


  • Learning Russian: International Students’ Insights

    Although native Russian speakers can never relate to how hard it can be to learn their mother tongue, our international students do! Moreover, they not only struggle but also succeed. For this article, we asked them to share their top tips and useful resources that’ll make your path to mastering Russian fun and comprehensive.


  • ITMO University in 2021: A Year in Review

    This year we celebrated 121 years of ITMO University. As with any other year, we had no shortage of challenges – but nothing we couldn’t rise above. There were also great new achievements to be proud of, such as grants, prizes, and awards and some extraordinary research accomplishments. On the international scale, we welcomed nearly 900 new international students.