How can I apply to ITMO?

If you want to apply to one of our programs, click on "I want to study at ITMO" at and check out the application steps for the degree level you’re interested in. We provide several application guides tailor-made for international students: 

Can I study my major in English at ITMO?

Yes, you can!

From data science to ecology, we offer multiple international Master’s programs that are taught exclusively in English. To apply, in addition to the usual documents, you need to confirm your language proficiency (Upper-Intermediate level and higher) with a certificate from an international exam like IELTS, CEFR, or Duolingo English Test. 

The same opportunity is available for PhD students. You can take all your classes, as well as defend your thesis, in English.

Note that all Bachelor's programs at ITMO are currently offered in Russian. Students interested in getting their Bachelor’s degree at ITMO can make use of our special Foundation Program.

Credit: ITMO.NEWS 

Credit: ITMO.NEWS 

What is the Foundation Program and how can I join it?

ITMO’s Foundation Program is a 9-month course that provides an intensive Russian language program for beginners and includes in-depth training in a wide range of study subjects (options include math, physics, IT, chemistry, and social studies) needed to pass ITMO University entrance exams.

You can apply for a tuition-free position through a scholarship program or sign an individual study contract with ITMO University for a tuition-based position. When applying to the university directly, send the following documents to

  • A scanned copy of your passport

  • A scanned copy of your official educational certificates

  • Translations of the abovementioned documents (optional)

  • A letter of motivation in English

Do you have a program in my subject area?

Visit our admissions website! Here, you can access all educational programs offered by ITMO and even sort them by faculty, price, and subject area. The programs taught in English in particular are also listed at

Credit: ITMO.NEWS 

Credit: ITMO.NEWS 

How much are the tuition fees?

Tuition fees depend on the chosen program and are indicated on the program’s page. For example, the annual tuition fees for international students are 379,000 rubles for the Software Engineering Bachelor’s program and 479,000 rubles for the Big Data and Machine Learning international Master’s program. If you don't see any prices, it means that the fees for this academic year haven’t been finalized yet.

As of 2023, the Foundation Program fees are 237,000 rubles.

Can I study at a Russian university for free? 

Of course! With this list of scholarships and competitions, you can enroll at ITMO with no exams or tuition fees (or both) involved. The most common options for international students are government scholarships and the Open Doors competition. 

I’m an international student at another Russian university. How can I transfer to ITMO?

Those currently studying on a fee-based position can find the relevant information in the Transfer section of the ITMO.STUDENTS website. For more details, please contact

If you’re on a government scholarship, email Raisa Magdieva ( at ITMO’s International Students Learning and Support Center. In your email, include your registration number in the russia-edu system, your current university, and the program you’d like to study in ITMO.

Where do ITMO students live?

Most of the university’s international students live in dorms, which are conveniently situated near central metro stations and the city’s main attractions. The average rent at a university dorm is between 1,000 and 2,000 rubles per month depending on the number of residents, the room, and the facilities. The list of dorms with detailed info and pictures is available here.

Some students may opt to live off-campus by renting an apartment. Rent varies greatly depending on the location of the property, its age, and condition. On average, prices range between 15,000 and 35,000 rubles/mo (plus utility bills) depending on the number of rooms in the apartment and its location. If you decide to rent your own place, check out our guides on how to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg and what to consider when looking for one.

Credit: ITMO.NEWS 

Credit: ITMO.NEWS 

What is the cost of living in St. Petersburg? 

Although living expenses at university may vary greatly for each student, you can get an idea of what you might expect to spend while living in St. Petersburg with our articles on budgeting tips and tricks and the average monthly budgets of our students.

Where do I look for events at the university and in the city?

For the latest university news and events, student experiences, and fun facts about local culture, follow us on our social media: VK and Telegram. Another useful community is ITMO.STUDENTS. The page is in Russian and always keeps you up-to-date about free trips and other opportunities.

To stay in touch with what’s happening in the city, you can follow our weekly guide with top recommendations on what to see and what to do.