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  • Student Grub: Our Easy Meal Favorites

    It’s not all about the instant noodles… Healthy, fast and delicious – and even a little exotic – is the name of the game when it comes to making a perfect student meal, whether it’s a quick breakfast, hearty lunch, or a hard day’s night dinner. Here’s what we love.


  • Steps Away: Places to Explore Near ITMO University's Kronversky Campus

    In the Russian language, the word okno – “window” – has another meaning familiar to any student or professor: “an empty period between classes”. Whether you’re a virtuoso of time management or someone who makes it up as they go along, you’ll be sure to encounter these in your daily life. In this series, we’ll consider a few options for how to put that extra time to good use. And we’ll start by exploring the area that’s key for every ITMO student or staff member: the main campus at Kronverksky Prospekt 49.


  • Speak Like a Russian: Student Slang

    Thus far, we’ve been learning various words and expressions that can help you adapt to living in Russia, but didn’t touch upon quite an obvious topic: student life. So, in order to catch up and since it’s the beginning of the academic year, we’ve decided to focus our today’s article on Russian student slang!


  • Hot, Greasy, Delicious: Russian Fast Food to Make You Happy

    Comfort food is never about the calories. And almost never about the money. It might be about the simple science of sugar and fat coming together to trigger the hormones of happiness. But we like to believe that it’s about reconnecting to our younger selves and our cultural identity in general. Could the key to the mysterious Russian soul be found in a... pyshka?


  • ITMO Alumni and ITMO Ambassadors: Staying in Touch After Graduation

    ​Today, ITMO Alumni Association brings together not just the university’s graduates who live in Russia, but also its former international students. For one, ITMO’s alumni community in Bulgaria has over a hundred members, some of which still participate in ITMO’s scientific events. Many of the international students who are currently studying in St. Petersburg are becoming ITMO ambassadors ready to represent ITMO in their home countries. ITMO.NEWS talked to a few of them.


  • Winter Forces: Volunteering and Retreat Trip All-in-One

    On February 4-11, a group of ITMO University students traveled to the Tosnensky District in Leningrad Oblast, 53 km southeast of St. Petersburg, to take part in volunteer activities: shovel snow, chop wood, as well as perform concerts and teach lessons at local schools. All this was part of the national initiative “Winter Forces 2018” that aims to promote volunteering among the youth and foster values of healthy living. Members of the student team spoke to ITMO.NEWS about their experience of helping people. 


  • Russian Pelmeni: Not Just Student Food

    It’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A Russian version of instant ramen, a perfect comfort food, and a cultural phenomenon, Russian dumplings are the perfect dish to help you get through the winter.


  • Making the Most of Your Student Life

    As September rolls around, school and university students all over Russia start a new academic year. What is student life like? Some say that it’s the best years of their life, others just want to graduate and move on. But no matter how you feel about your studies, September 1 is always about new beginnings and a fresh start. On this occasion, members of ITMO University’s staff share their advice on how to enjoy your student years.


  • More than Beauty: Winners of Mister ITMO 2018 on What It Takes to Win

    Eight students from ITMO University spent nearly two months preparing for this winter’s Mister ITMO contest. In addition to spending long hours at the gym, the contestants also edited their videos, learned new dance moves and discovered new talents. In the end, the title of Mister ITMO went to Egor Marinenkov, a student of ITMO’s School of Computer Technologies and Control; Ilya Chistyakov of the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty became the “vice-mister”; and the audience’s choice award went to Konstantin Pervukhin, a third-year Faculty of Laser and Light Engineering student and a fledgling entrepreneur. The winners spoke to ITMO.NEWS and explained how they managed to prepare for the competition while studying and working, whether it is truly harder to perform on stage than to write code and why Mister ITMO is far from the usual beauty or talent contest.


  • KronBars Named Best Russian Student Sports Club Second Year In Row

    Results of the competition for the title "Best Student Sports Club" were announced in Kazan on November 25 at the All-Russian Forum of Student Sports Clubs. KronBars, which recently came first in an all-Russian SSC rating, was recognized as the best student sports club in Russia for second year consequently.ITMO’s student sports club also won in two other nominations: "Best Awareness-building Effort" and "Best Organization"


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