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  • Top-Notch Summer: International Students’ Insights

    We love summer for its easy-going and adventurous spirit, as well as for its hot days and starry nights. What do our international students do to make the most of their holidays here in Russia? Read on to discover their plans and goals for the sunny season.


  • The History of ITMO.Megabattle

    Year after year, our students converge at ITMO.Megabattle to compete in creativity, athleticism, intelligence, and scientific prowess – all to prove that their school deserves to be called the best. ITMO.NEWS has decided to look into the event’s history.


  • Typical Russian Student’s Monthly Budget in 2022

    Curious to learn how much students spend in a month in Russia? We asked our students about their spending habits and typical budgeting categories. Here’s all you need to know when planning your monthly expenses.


  • Back to School Like a Pro: Get Things Done, Ace Your Tests, and Have Fun

    Are you a first-year who wants to get everything out of uni life plus stay on top of your studies? Or maybe you are no freshman, but this year is your clean slate for an organized and stress-free life? Here’s your primer on time management methods, revision techniques, and things you need to keep in mind when organizing your life at ITMO to experience it all – and never miss an important deadline.


  • Faces of ITMO University: Biotechnology Student Perspective

    Tatiana Gusinskaya has just completed her studies as a Bachelor’s student at the Faculty of Biotechnology. Her Bachelor’s thesis “Plant Protein Encapsulation” earned her an excellent grade. Tatiana has a background that shows her as a hard-working person. She transferred to ITMO from another university with excellent grades. Tatiana started her studies in a non-state-funded place, but she later transferred to a state-funded place based on her excellent academic achievements. While Tatiana was still working on her thesis, we talked with her about her program and the life of a student at ITMO University.


  • Student and Staff: Sofia Antipova Gets the Best of Both Worlds

    In addition to 1,300+ lecturers and professors, ITMO University has more than 3,500 members of administrative staff. They organize classes, provide the university with scientific and office equipment, create digital spaces like ISU and physical spaces like the coworking areas, run the libraries, deal with endless paperwork, and much more. And amongst them are our very own students! Meet one of them: Sofia Antipova, a third-year Bachelor’s student, ecologist, and ITMO staff member.


  • Student Spotlight: Maxim Klochko, Russia

    Maxim Klochko is a second-year Master’s student in the program Innovation Entrepreneurship. He was born and grew up in St. Petersburg and after he got his Bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics, he decided to apply for a Master’s degree at ITMO. In this interview, Maxim shares with us his impressions of the university and life in the city and the experiences that helped him to grow as a person and as a professional.


  • Student Spotlight: Daniil Koshelev, Russia

    Daniil Koshelev is a Russian third-year student of the Bachelor’s program Technological Innovations Management at ITMO University. In this interview, Daniil tells us about why he decided to study at ITMO and his experiences as a student and manager of the University's football team.


  • ITMO’s Buddy System: Helping International Students Feel at Home

    Every student who has ever been on exchange knows how hard it can be to adapt to the new surroundings, get all your papers sorted, and adjust to the new timetable and academic process. It’s important to have someone you can ask for help at this time, a friendly face you can look for in a crowd of your new fellow students – and that is where buddies come in to save the day. At ITMO, these are found in Buddy System, a student club whose manager, Anna Gargalyk, I caught up with for this interview. 


  • ITMakeup: Beauty, Self-Acceptance and Online Makeup Tutorials

    ITMakeup, a student club dedicated to promoting self-acceptance and educating its members on how to use makeup in their everyday life, faced a unique challenge in recent times. As the university went online, it had to figure out how to engage with its members remotely, when everything was already in place for in-person beauty sessions. We caught up with Maria Shvedova, Polina Guseva and Olga Kokorina to talk about how they're finding ways to thrive, their inspiration and future plans.