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  • Your Top 10 ITMO Questions Answered

    Over the years, we’ve received a great number of questions through our social media channels. From admissions to student life, here are the answers to the most frequently asked ones. 


  • Results of ITMO University’s Admission Campaign 2021

    This year’s admission campaign is over. Read on to learn about the number of 2021’s first-year students there will be, new majors, and the most popular programs.


  • Start of 2020 Admission Campaign at ITMO University: Apply Online Now

    ITMO University has opened its 2020 admissions to Bachelor’s and Master’s studies. Applicants can already create a page on the admissions website and vie for a spot at ITMO. Here’s a short guide to the process.


  • 15 Talented Prospective Students Become Winners of 2019 ITMO.STARS Unique Achievements Contest

    The results of this year’s ITMO.STARS – a competition for prospective students with unique accomplishments – are in, with 15 participants being awarded free tuition at ITMO University’s program of their choice and the number of application doubling from last year’s. Launched in 2018, the initiative aims to offer talented and motivated high schoolers an opportunity to enroll at ITMO even if their Unified State Exam scores wouldn’t normally allow them to. 


  • “I Am a Professional” Winners On How Competition Changed Their Lives

    First All-Russian “I am a Professional” student competition was held last year. Attracted by the opportunity of free admission to leading Master’s and doctoral programs nationwide, 294,242 students took part in the contest. To encourage the participants, ITMO University decided to go against the usual ‘the winner takes it all’ rule and stretched the right to free admission to the winners of the Semi-Hackathon that was held as part of ITMO’s “It’s Your Call!” winter school. ITMO.NEWS met with the competitions winners who decided to apply to ITMO and asked them what was memorable about the competitions, why they decided to take part, why they chose ITMO, and how the experience changed them. 


  • Applying to ITMO as an International Student: Admissions Process Tips and Tricks

    While the admissions campaign at ITMO University is very much up and running, it could be a good idea for those who haven’t hit that graduation milestone quite yet to start getting ready for the admissions process by expanding their knowledge outside of the school curriculum. If you want to nail those programming academic competitions, gear up for the gruesome Physics Unified State Examinations (should you decide to take this application route) or start designing robots, ITMO University offers courses and summer schools that could be just the place for you. And for those of you who can’t come to St. Petersburg to attend just yet, this article presents you with a guide to ITMO admissions for international students, as well as featuring leading teachers and professionals’ top recommendations for the best online resources that will help enhance your knowledge of the subjects needed for admission so that you can get that coveted ITMO university spot. 


  • 2018 Admissions for International Students

    Today, 20 June 2018, applications open for all Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students at ITMO University. You can find out here the paths for international students to enrol in the university. Whether you are interested in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD program, there are numerous options available, both for state-sponsored, as well as full-fee paying positions. 


  • Winter School “It’s Your Call!”: Leading Experts’ Lectures, Semi-Hackathon and Chess Pong.

    From January 29 to February 3, 2018 ITMO is going to host Winter School "It’s Your Call!". The winter school is intended for all the participants of the All-Russian Students' Competition "I am a Professional", which started in November 2017, and other motivated students from all over the country. Bachelor’s and Master’s students who participated in the above-mentioned competition in the fields of "Computer Science", "Information and Cyber ​​Security" and "Photonics" will be able to take part in the Winter School. The organizers have prepared a huge program for them, which includes lectures and workshops from leading experts at ITMO, Yandex , Kaspersky Lab, Sberbank and other organizations, excursions to specialized laboratories and companies, Semi-Hackathon, Chess Pong and other activities. Applications for participation in the Winter School are accepted until January 20 inclusive.


  • Navigating the ITMO Application Process

    How does one go about choosing their future profession? How can you find out information about all the different departments and faculties, where you will live, what will you do besides studying, what you will do with your career when you graduate? Last Sunday at ITMO University, there was a special Open Day for prospective students. This article is all about helping you, figure out how, our international students, apply to ITMO University from afar. 


  • Solving Tasks in Social Network – the Results of the ITMO Vkontakte Olympiad

    On April 9 the ITMO VKontakte Olympiad came to an end. It was the first time that 2,000 participants from Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine solved tasks using the social network. Some 375 finalists competed to gain an extra 10 points for the results of the Unified State Exam, prizes branded with ITMO’s logo and passes for the VK Fest.