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  • Song of the Month: June 2022

    It seems like the first summer month has almost passed! As always, we’ve made a compilation of our musical favorites that were a soundtrack to this June.


  • Eco-Paths In and Around St. Petersburg

    In recent years, a new trend has swept St. Petersburg and the surrounding region by storm: eco-paths. This nature-conscious approach to outdoor leisure allows you to explore the flora (and oftentimes fauna!) of our diverse locale in peace while also making the least impact on the natural order of things. Today, we’ll share with you some general tips on how to make your trip to such spots truly enjoyable, as well as a selection of great eco-paths for beginners.


  • Song of the Month: June 2021

    Here’s our monthly musical report: check out what kind of tunes we’ve been enjoying during these surprisingly hot summer days! As always, the list is quite diverse, so we’re pretty sure you’ll find something to your liking.   


  • Song of the Month: May 2021

    May is often a busy month, especially for students, but it also brings us the year's first warm days that are not to be missed! Here are the tunes that helped us make it through this period full of deadlines and enjoy some happy moments in spite of everything.  


  • Song of the Month: April 2021

    April! Sun! Spring! Need we say more? Maybe – but who’s got the time when it’s so pretty outside! Just grab your headphones, put on our selection of the month’s top tunes, and head out!


  • The New Things We’re Trying This Spring

    Spring is near-synonymous with change, and what change could be more important than that which we make ourselves? We enter this bright new season wisened (one would hope) by a most perilous, unusual, and enlightening year. Here’re all the new things we’ll be trying out in the coming weeks:


  • Song of the Month: March 2021

    It’s March, the most musically-named month of the year! And although we spent much of it beleaguered by blizzard and frost, now that the sun’s out and the temperatures are breaking century-old records, we’re ready to put on some good tunes and meet spring at its best. Here are our top musical picks of the month:


  • Cartoons We Love as Adults

    Why do we love cartoons? They’re art, they’re short, and they make us laugh and cry and experience a rainbow of emotions. And most of all, they help us reconnect with our inner child. Here’s what to add to your watch list this long weekend.


  • Song of the Month: February 2021

    Winter’s coming to a close, and you can definitely feel it in this month’s playlist, infused with yearning and excitement for the warmer days – and, perhaps, a bit of angst at the onslaught of snow (and slush) this February has brought us. Without further ado, here are our team’s favorite tunes of the month.


  • Song of the Month: January 2021

    Another month comes to a close, and with it comes another round-up of our editorial team’s top tunes of the past four-and-a-bit weeks. The excitement of leaving 2020 behind has given way to snow-(and slush)-induced moodiness, but the spirit is still there, so this month we’ve been enjoying a mix of poppy tunes and thoughtful ballads. Let’s roll!