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  • Everything You Need to Know to Survive Autumn

    The changing of the seasons can be hard, but you'll surely handle it if you follow our team's advice.


  • Documentaries About Russia: Our Picks For Every Taste

    Watching a documentary film on a topic you’re interested in is probably the easiest way to both relax and learn something new. Here are several selected titles you can add to your watchlist if you feel like exploring Russia from different angles without leaving your couch.


  • Four Family History Activities for a Friday Night

    It’s always fascinating to learn more about where you came from and what your ancestors were like. If you’re ready to start exploring your family’s past, we have some ideas on how to make it more fun.


  • 7 Video Games You Can Complete in a Day

    While we wait on Hideo Kojima to cook up something extraordinary in 2023 (we anticipate news on Death Stranding 2 and the other, secret project), here are a few games that can be finished in one evening. Incidentally, our list includes some projects by ITMO students. If you need a break from visiting friends and binging TV, how about trying to find all of the treasures of an ancient flying city, or saving a duckling from a primordial curse? Each of these games takes only a couple of hours to finish on average, so you are not getting bored any time soon.


  • Books, Podcasts, and YouTube Channels To Keep Your Brain Running on Holidays

    Do you need a break from the usual holiday activities of visiting friends, playing in the snow, and gathering around the table with your family? How about learning something useful and practicing your Russian skills? From ITMO.NEWS, here are a few popular science books, podcasts and YouTube channels for you to explore.


  • Cheesecake Lover’s Guide to St. Petersburg

    As summer bids us adieu, the skies grow paler, and the pumpkin spice season approaches, you might find yourself craving a treat – something comforting, filling, and joyful. And what matches that description better than a lovely piece of cheesecake? Here’s our quick guide to some of St. Petersburg’s best spots to try that delectable dessert – whether you prefer it by the (cook)book, with a twist, or even plant-based!


  • Song of the Month: June 2022

    It seems like the first summer month has almost passed! As always, we’ve made a compilation of our musical favorites that were a soundtrack to this June.


  • Eco-Paths In and Around St. Petersburg

    In recent years, a new trend has swept St. Petersburg and the surrounding region by storm: eco-paths. This nature-conscious approach to outdoor leisure allows you to explore the flora (and oftentimes fauna!) of our diverse locale in peace while also making the least impact on the natural order of things. Today, we’ll share with you some general tips on how to make your trip to such spots truly enjoyable, as well as a selection of great eco-paths for beginners.


  • Song of the Month: June 2021

    Here’s our monthly musical report: check out what kind of tunes we’ve been enjoying during these surprisingly hot summer days! As always, the list is quite diverse, so we’re pretty sure you’ll find something to your liking.   


  • Song of the Month: May 2021

    May is often a busy month, especially for students, but it also brings us the year's first warm days that are not to be missed! Here are the tunes that helped us make it through this period full of deadlines and enjoy some happy moments in spite of everything.