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  • Learning Through Winning: A Conversation With Ammar Ali, Winner of Multiple AI Contests

    Ammar Ali is a PhD student at ITMO and multiple-time winner of Sberbank’s AI Journey contest. For three years in a row, he has been achieving successes at various AI competitions, often competing solo and coming out ahead of entire teams. At the most recent AI Journey contest, he secured three prize spots, including one as the absolute winner. We spoke with Ammar to learn what draws him to compete, why he decided to focus on AI, and how he prepares for each contest.


  • ITMO Team Takes Gold at ICPC Northern Eurasia Finals 2023

    The Northern Eurasia Finals of ICPC, the semifinals of the world’s largest collegiate programming contest, concluded on December 13. The team from ITMO University took the third place (equivalent to a gold medal as per ICPC rules) and will now represent their region in the international finals, set to take place in September 2024 in Astana (Kazakhstan).


  • ITMO Team Reigns Supreme in Russian Infosec Championship

    The latest Russian championship in competitive programming welcomed more than 160 teams from across the country, with only 38 making it to the finals. ITMO students secured the first place in the track Programming of Information Security Systems, while the second and third places went to participants from the Republic of Tatarstan and Moscow. The winners split a prize fund of over 1 million rubles.


  • ITMO Student Dmitry Vasilyev on Developing Apps for People With Disabilities

    Warning the deaf and hard-of-hearing about potential dangers, calling emergency services through context commands, and assisting people with visual impairments in learning how to type – all these are projects developed by Dmitry Vasilyev, a Master’s student of ITMO’s program Programming for the Visually Impaired. One of Dmitry’s apps is already used by several hundred people with disabilities, but he plans to create a whole ecosystem of apps with access to various inclusive technologies. In this interview, we talk about the results of Dmitry’s projects, his further plans, and his big dream.


  • I Am a Professional Contest: ITMO Named Best University Based on Registration Results

    The registration period for future participants of the annual I Am a Professional contest has recently concluded, making the track Programming & Information Technologies – delivered by ITMO – the most popular among St. Petersburg students. Moreover, it transpired that more students from ITMO have signed up for the contest than from any other universities in the city. 


  • Why to Apply and How to Prep for Programming & Information Technologies Track at I Am a Professional

    Applications for the I Am a Professional contest are open until November 14. Winners will receive additional points when applying to Master's and PhD programs, as well as internships at prestigious corporations. In this installment of our series of articles about the contest, Alexander Mayatin, the curator of the Programming & Information Technologies track and an associate professor at ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, speaks about why students should join the contest and how they can win it.


  • ITMO Students Win Infosec Contest VolgaCTF

    Students from ITMO University were named winners of the 13th annual information security competition VolgaCTF in Samara. The final stage of the competition pitted 23 teams from Russia and neighboring countries. As a result of this victory, the team from ITMO moved up in the ranking to become one of the world’s top three CTF teams in the field of infosec.


  • Russian Team Claims Four Gold Medals at the International Olympiad in Informatics 2023

    Participating under a neutral flag, a team of Russian school students brought home a haul of four gold medals at the recent International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). The competition took place in Hungary and drew contestants from over 90 countries. The team was coached by Andrey Stankevich, an associate professor at ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, and Alexey Maleev, the head of the IT Education Development Center at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).


  • No Limits: Visually Impaired ITMO Graduate on Working as DevOps Engineer and Launching His Startup

    As a teen, Evgeny Nekrasov lost his vision and his right hand in an accident. Having learned to live with his disability, Evgeny successfully completed his Bachelor's and Master's degrees. He has since landed a job as a DevOps engineer at VK and launched his own project. Now he is working on a special armband that would make smart home technologies accessible to visually impaired users. Learn more about his recovery and career in this interview. 


  • Master's in Programming and AI at ITMO: What To Expect This Academic Year

    The Master’s program Programming and Artificial Intelligence restarts with a new, improved format. This year, students will have a choice of two tracks, depending on whether they want to build their own individual learning tracks (applied) or focus more deeply on research in computer science (academic), as well as will be able to earn their degrees in one year within each track. Learn more about this year’s innovations below.