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  • ITMO Graduate Stanislav Krasnoyarov’s Journey From a Full-Time Employee to His Own Business

    After studying at ITMO University in the early 2000s, Stanislav Krasnoyarov worked his way up from a full-time IT specialist to the founder of his own business. ITMO.NEWS talked to him about entrepreneurship as a never-ending series of challenges and the best way to improve yourself.


  • ITMO.STARS 2020 Winners: Who Are They?

    This year’s winners told ITMO.NEWS how to get into conferences at Google and Intel while still being in school, win an international robotics competition, release your own game on Steam and make it a top seller, and also how to solve issues relating to the environment, children’s sleep, and expensive prostheses.


  • You Can Fight the World and Win: ITMO Graduate Kirill Rivkin on DataArt, Studies in the US and His Startup

    Kirill Rivkin went to ITMO in the ‘90s. Since then, he has tried his hand at DataArt, got a PhD in theoretical physics in the USA, became a hard drive engineer at Seagate Technology, created a startup that develops processors, and published five books on the history of weapons. 


  • New Library for Dimensionality Reduction ITMO_FS

    Students and staff of the Machine Learning Lab at ITMO University Laboratory developed a library for Python that helps to solve one of the key problems of machine learning. In this article, we will tell you why this tool appeared and what it can do.


  • ITMO University Co-Hosts Machine Learning Cup for School Students From Samara

    Participants of the event attended lectures by industry experts and designed assignments for each other. For example, some were tasked with creating a bot that would emulate the classic authors of Russian literature, while others – a bot capable of identifying the language used in online comments.


  • Evolutionary Computations Explained in 9 Simple Questions

    Oftentimes, scientists are faced with challenges so complex that they cannot be solved using conventional methods. This is when evolutionary computations come into play. Want to learn what those are? Keep scrolling and find out!


  • ITMO University Scientists Recognized With Two Awards at Prestigious Evolutionary Computation Conference GECCO 2020

    GECCO 2020 is one of the most high-profile conferences in the field of evolutionary computation. This year’s event took place in the middle of July, with two papers by ITMO University researchers recognized with special prizes. Learn more in this article by ITMO.NEWS. 


  • July and August Summer Schools by Leading International Universities

    Courses on urban science, management, engineering, physics and data analytics – ITMO.NEWS has compiled a list of international online schools you still can register for.


  • Mamadi Berete: At ITMO, There Is No Difference Made Between Foreign and Russian Students

    Mamadi Berete comes from Guinea, a west-coastal country in West Africa. The country is sometimes referred to as Guinea-Conakry to distinguish it from other countries with "Guinea" in the name. Guinea has a population of 12.4 million. He is currently getting his Bachelor’s degree in Info-Communications Systems Programming.


  • Navigating in the World of 8,000 Programming Languages

    The amount of programming languages keeps growing: some of them become popular, others are forgotten; some require a lot of time to learn, and others – only a couple of months. Why are there so many of them? Why do new ones appear? How to understand which one will become popular in the future? Roman Elizarov, a teacher of the Parallel Programming course at ITMO, JetBrains employee, an expert in Java, and one of the Kotlin developers, as well as John Mostovoy and Arseniy Seroka, Serokell founders, helped us figure it out.