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  • Physicists From ITMO Generate Single Photons For Secure Information Encryption

    Researchers at ITMO University have studied the formation of single-photon emitters, which are key components of quantum communication and computation devices. With these, it will be possible to encrypt data in a way that would make it impossible to intercept. The study was described in an article published in Nature Communications.


  • Bringing Quantum Tech Closer: Researchers from ITMO and Ludwig Maximilian University Examine New Approach to 2D Heterostructures

    In a paper published in Nature Nanotechnology, the collaborators from ITMO and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich describe a new method for producing two-dimensional heterostructures. The approach is based on the so-called moiré effect, achieved when two layers are stacked at a certain angle. The resulting patterns demonstrate exciton states that are of scientific interest and hold a potential in terms of next-gen electronic devices, as well as quantum technologies.


  • ITMO's New Master's Program: Quantum Technologies in the Industry

    ​The new corporate Master’s program is being launched this year in collaboration with an industrial partner – Russian Railways. In the course of the program, students will get the opportunity to work on real projects under the guidance of the company’s mentors.