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  • Continuing Professional Education: Big Data for Managers – Law and Marketing for Developers

    ITMO’s National Center for Cognitive Research has launched a slate of continuing professional education programs. These courses will help economists, managers and lawyers learn more about big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. IT specialists, in turn, will have the chance to study marketing, law, or public relations.


  • Faculty of Secondary Education Holds School Olympics on Occasion of Confederations Cup

    Last Friday ITMO University’s Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education (FSVE) held its first multidisciplinary School Olympics in honor of the upcoming Confederations Cup. More than 300 students and alumni of FSVE came to test their skills at tug of war and best each other in darts and relay racing. The competition’s main event was the football tournament.


  • The People of the Future: Who Are They and How Does One Teach Them?

    What do talented children need to develop further? Who adapts these talents for technologies and the needs of industry? What are the nearest goals of Russia's educational system? These were just some of the questions answered at the "People of the Future "conference that was dedicated to further engineering education amongst schoolers. Such organizations as the "System" charity foundation and ITMO University were among the organizers.